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Friday, December 12, 2008

Circuit Overseer Visit Is So Important

It is very important for some and not at all important to others. This man comes a couple of times a year to each congregation and does indeed whip the elders into whipping the rank and file jw's. It is a time for baptized brothers to suck up to him in order to qualify for "privileges", while other rank and file congregants "go over the heads of the elders" to voice and get his view on a problem they are having with the body of elders.

These men are venerated as demigods and wield a dangerous amount of power. An example, back in 1969 our family was paid a visit by the circuit overseer and we received him cordially into our home. He was telling my folks how important it was to go out in field service because in a few short years, Armageddon would be upon us and they did not want to die then because they missed that one door and opportunity to preach.

My folks were very much enthralled at the way he described the end of days coming in such a short amount of time. When my dad asked how soon he said that he spoke with the governing body before leaving for that particular visit and he said that we could be assured that my kid sister would not even start school before the end came.

She was about two years old at that time. She did indeed start and finish her schooling, raised two kids who are now in their early twenties, and she has a 3 year old grandson who will probably see his great grandkids finish their schooling on the moon before anything the jw's say ever comes true.

This man was a liar and deliberately misled my family and indeed hundreds and hundreds of other families with his falsehoods. The power these men are allowed to have is criminal. They feel like they can say or do anything they please. Some of them treat people kindly and lie thru their teeth, while others are just rude and hateful while they lie to everyone.

An example would be a CO named Mega. That short, baldy-headed little cockroach had the nerve to insult people in the kingdom hall. He once told a slightly overweight elder that he better lose twenty pounds or he would never give another talk at an assembly. Jehovah hates gluttons.

At one circuit assembly in Yuba City, CA a youngster was walking from his seat to the bathroom it looked like. He happened to be seen by Mega who felt distracted. He stopped his discourse and stared at the boy who had his back to him and said, "MODALES" which translates to English as, "MANNERS". The child's parents were very embarrassed and left the assembly a few moments after that ridiculous display of authority. I heard they never returned to the meetings as they were not even baptized jw's. Not sure if that part is true, but it is what I heard.

The visit from the CO tends to be glorified and really stresses out the elders who invariably get scolded for any inactive or irregular publishers, too many disfellowshippings, or not enough of them. This man is made out to be an apostle with special inside information for the rank and file, so, much anticipation is really driving the spike in attendance during his visit. Once he is gone, the inactive go back to inactivity, the irregulars become regular for a week or two, and then they revert back to their usual lack of interest and activity because the elders slip back into their lardass complacency.

The CO is nothing more than a corporate sales manager who comes by to inspect the daily sales reports of local watchtower stores.


A Principle said...

Wow. You're really upset. You must be or otherwise you wouldn't post such sarcastic, judgemental, hateful, and UNTRUE generalizations about Jehovah's Witnesses and Circuit Overseers.

My advice is that you take a few deep breaths, and GET OVER IT. You are mainly hurting yourself with such diatribes. Holding a grudge against someone (or a whole group) is like drinking poison and waiting for the other person (or the whole group) to die.

Mister Lorenzo said...

Hi A Principle, thanks for responding to my post.
I was very angry once upon a time. Now I just write what happened. I know I can be very sarcastic and even hateful at times, but I am not a liar.

I didn't post generalizations about all JWs, I posted information about things I saw circuit overseers do. That's all.

Merry Christmas.

Anonymous said...

I was too young to really understand what was going on then. I only remember everyone getting all worked up when the CO arrived. Your explanation makes sense. If he's really just another man like everyone else, then why did brothers and sisters alike fall over each other to please the CO?

Anonymous said...

Let's see if I understand this... someone, called a CO comes around and promises people that the new system is coming in 1975, everyone changes their lives accordingly (some were praised for finishing this system out by pioneering which was made possible by selling their homes and life insurance policies according to the Kingdom Ministry) and then the end doesn't come! ... and some JW's wonder why others are just a little upset?

A Principle tries to divert attention (in a belittling fashion I might add) to the feelings and expressions of the poster. Then the familiar cold-hearted response, "Get over it".

Goodness... who are these cold people?

Anonymous said...

It eventually started to disturb me how extra nice and kind people (including the servant body) were when the CO or DO visited.

Then I thought to myself, isn't that being pretentious and fake??? (The very quality that disturbed me about any person who turned out to be phony even before I became a JW.)

If this is how they acted all the time, I shouldn't notice any difference when the CO/DO visited, should I? If someone was to respond that I just wanted to be extra nice during his visit my response would be why not be that way all the time?

Anonymous said...

A Principle replied, "Holding a grudge against someone (or a whole group) is like drinking poison and waiting for the other person (or the whole group) to die."

I knew a JW who converted from a mainstream religion and whenever the subject of her previous religion came up in discussion, boy, you should have heard the hatred spew out of her mouth for that religion.

It's interesting when you turn the table on JW's. I wonder how A Principle would respond to the JW about her being so upset with her previous religion? ... With duplicity, I wonder?

Mister Lorenzo said...

Anonymous wrote:
"A Principle tries to divert attention (in a belittling fashion I might add) to the feelings and expressions of the poster. Then the familiar cold-hearted response, "Get over it"."

This is typical behavior. Whenever someone posts something contrary to JW doctrine or asks a question that points out obvious hypocrisy, inconsistency, or even reversal of a stand, most JWs do what I like to call the "JW sidestep-twostep".

The person asks a question, the jw takes two quick steps to the side, diverts and avoids the question and immediately brings all barrels to bear on the asker. They unleash a scathing ad hominem attack, thus rendering the question and the asker null and void.

Too bad people are already wise to the JW sidestep-twostep. Otherwise it might actually work outside of the Kingdom Hall where they learn this childish tactic over and over.

Anonymous said...

A Principle reminds me so much of my mother and her family. Though only my mother is the JW, they all do the same thing when confronted with contrary opinions:

1. Tell you how wrong you are.
2. Tell you how right they are.
3. Make an insulting/dismissive observation that excuses your wrongness.
4. Tell you how you can change to accommodate them.

- CN

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

The Watchtower Society and the Governing Body were exclusively chosen by God in 1919. You need to show respect to them, humble yourself and not question anything they do or say. The 1975 prediction are all lies. It was members of jw's that believed that the end would come NOT the publications. Its the members who were to blame and the watchtower magazine had an article explaining that its the members fault instead of the organization.

All elders, ministerial servants, circuit overseers are appointed by the Holy Spirit. So by not obeying and respecting them we are going against God himself. We need the Watchtower organization to gain salvation. Many reject this fact because they are not humble and do not have true faith. No one can understand the bible without the publications of the Watchtower Society. The Watchtower publications can prove everything that I have just said. Please visit www.jw.org.

southyboy57 said...

Another point I would like to stress out is, We the flock are taught to be no part of the world, while the WTBS invests millions of dollars into Hedge Funds. They are the modern day Pharisees with all their rules and regulations. That means, Hypocrites. They are a Controlling cult and people are caught in it's web.

southyboy57 said...

@ Afraid to give a name....."We need the Watchtower organization to gain salvation.". This statement is a lie from the father of the lie, Satan the Devil. Only through faith in Jesus Christ and his shed blood enables a Christian to gain salvation. Jesus died for ALL MEN not just for Watchtower members. As a bible student you should know that. Your WTBTS is a Christian cult with their own laws just as the Pharisees were in Jesus day. You and all your friends are the ones who are being mislead.

Anonymous said...

it is a cult Jonestown was full of JW The reason there told not to advance in the work place is they can't it is a last resort for losers All the OS does is look for BJ from the weak


Anonymous said...

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Jaded but unshaken said...

Here's the thing,.....

I believe everything you said is true. I too have been very surprised, shocked even from some of the attitudes I have seen among some within the congregations that in my wildest dreams....I never expected to see.

Here's the thing though. It has made the Bible and the accounts therein even MORE real to me as it validates the surprising attitudes revealed among God's people that Jehovah chose to have included in the scriptures.

Is it frustrating to deal with? YES

Do you sometimes feel powerless within it? YES

Congratulations, you know now what it was like to live in ancient Israel in and amongst a people who had God's law but dissapointed him with their eggregious behavior constantly. To be a faithful and obedient one in and amongst that hypocritical (at times) environment had to be daunting.

But many of the faithful crowd of witnesses (Heb 11) succesfully negotiated that path and so can you.

The world is still full of problems. God's kingdom will still fix that. Man can't. (Just look around you)

Your eyes have been opened as mine have. The narrow road is just that.....narrow.

Fight thru it brother. Theres nothing out here in this Satan ruled world.

Anonymous said...


I'm studying the Bible with JW's and I take my studies very seriously as I want to be 100% sure that what I believe is the complete undeniable, verifiable truth.

I have read some past publications of the JW's and I'm disturbed by the following points. I spoke to an elder about these matters and I noticed he became very defensive and told me I'm developing a critical attitude. These concerns came from reading the JW publications directly.

01. C.T. Russell (1st president) said in a WT that reading the Bible alone is dangerous without the WT publications. How is that possible? Why would God inspire a book that is impossible to read and understand without the WT publications?

02. The WT stated in the finished mystery that the time of the end started in 1799. It also stated that 1874 marked the invisible return of Christ and that he began to rule invisibly in 1878. Also stated as fact was that the end would come in 1914. All these dates have changed many many times. If God directs the JW's, how is it possible that they constantly change their doctrines? Where and how did they come up with these doctrines? Men or God?

03. End of the world predictions: The Watchtower Society had predicted the end of the world for 1914, 1915, 1918, 1925, 1941, 1975 and most recently in 2000 in the 1/1/89 Watchtower (later changed in the bound volume). Where did they get these ideas.....from GOD or men?

04. The Watchtower Society built a mansion in San Diego, California called Beth Sarim (house of princes). The book Salvation page.311 and brochure Millions now living will never die p.89 & 90 stated that the prophets of old will live there once resurrected. The only one who enjoyed that mansion along with two 16 cylinder Cadillacs was J.F.Rutherford second President of JW's. Where on earth did Jehovah's Witnesses get these conclusions and at the same time tell the world if anyone doesn't believe them they will be destroyed at Armageddon?

05. Why is the verse at Deuteronomy 18:20-22 ignored by Jehovah's Witnesses? There it clearly states what a false prophet is. Yet that verse is not mentioned in the Reasoning book at all!! Why????

06. Why aren't JW's allowed to ask their leaders any question that troubles them? JW's are obligated to accept any doctrine, policy and interpretation that comes from the Governing Body even if it contradicts scripture!! The unity and love that JW's show is superficial and conditional. The moment someone disagrees with the Governing Body they are disfellowshipped and called evil names such as mentally diseased and apostate.

07. Child Molestation.... JWs are quick to point the finger at the Catholic Church about their handling of Child molesters. However,the policies of the JWs are the same! They do not report to authorities unless required by law. They do not inform the Congregation members if there's a molester in their midst. Elders are told to call the WT legal Dept instead of calling the police first. Recent lawsuits against the WT for protecting molesters include Candace Conti, Gonzalo Campos, Osbaldo Pardon and many others. In 2015, in Australia the Royal Commission convened and brought to light over 1000 cases of Child molestations that were not reported to authorities by the JWs in a span of 50 yrs.
JWs elders were instructed in a letter dated 03/14/1997 to send to Brooklyn headquarters the names of all members who have confessed or been accused of molesting children. Now a court in California (in the Osbaldo Pardon case; Irwin Zalkin attorney for plaintiff) is demanding that they hand over that database of Child molesters and the WT REFUSES TO COMPLY. Every day that goes by without them turning in that list carries a $4,000 fine. What about Romans chapter 13 about obeying the authorities?! Hypocrisy??!!!

Please help me with these questions!

Unknown said...


Unknown said...


Papacy, ghana said...

If you really know who jws are you will be joining in holding grudges against them. This is the hipocrasy which jws exhibit. You tell church goers you have the truth and help them challenge their own churches teachings. After these people become jws and they start questioning your churches teaching, you quickly label them apostates.is that fair. Other church leaders can be questioned but no jw can question the organization. Do you think the apostasy mentioned in the bible refers to jws alone? Which bible quotation supports that.the most untruthful christian organization on earth today is jws.you are a cult for financial benefit to those at the top of your hierarchy. I pray all jws will pick their bibles and compare all the teachings of the organization and see if they have real basis in the bible.