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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Nine Blind Guides. Nine Blind Guides. See How They Change.

The faithful and discreet slave was in the beginnings of the Watchtower Society C.T. Russell. He WAS the slave. Later on after Russell died, the drunkard, Joseph "Judge" Rutherford seized control of the WT and set it up to be an organizational body that would command every thought and belief of the JW's.The terms slave class, anointed class, heavenly class were coined and are supposed to represent the faithful and discreet slave class. However, of the roughly 9,000 living and documented anointed do not actually have any voice in the way the WT runs, teaches or preaches. The actual fds is a group of nine anointed elders (all men) who are called the governing body of Jehovah's witnesses.

These nine men have in their power the ability to change yesterday's truth into today's lie by voting on doctrines and teachings. If six of the nine vote for Christmas to be considered Pagan, then Pagan it is. 2/3 majority makes or breaks any doctrine or perceived truth held by Jehovah's Witnesses.The people being misled by these nine blind guides are in serious jeopardy. Their very lives are in the hands of monsters that teach what are the expressions of demons and deny most of them the chance at salvation. I pray for them because they were once my brothers and sisters in faith. Please say a prayer with me now for them and indeed all blinded by Satan to find the Light of Precious Jesus.


Anonymous said...

Voting on what they believe? I thought it was Holy Spirit that directed them... I wonder if JW' really know how doctrine is determined in their own religion.

It sure explains all the changes in doctrine (even including core doctrines that have changed like the 1935 deadline for the selection of remnant of the 144,000), not to mention the flip-flops in certain teachings.


Ronald said...

Actually, what was taught in the beginning of the Watchtower Society concerning the "faithful and wise servant", made found at:





It was sometime later that Russell's wife proposed that Russell was that "faithful and wise servant", which Russell never either fully denied nor fully accepted. The idea that Russell was the "faithful and wise servant" was not officially adopted by the Watch Tower Society until after Russell's death.

The last statement I could find from Russell on the matter was: "Some of the dear brethren seem to find as much about Brother Russell in the Bible as they find about the Lord Jesus, and I think that is a great mistake. I do not find it there. Some of them say that I am blinded on that subject, that they all can see better than I can. Perhaps they can, I do not know, but I think, dear friends, that there is a danger in that direction, and I would like to put you all on guard." -1910; ("Convention Report Sermons", pg. 125)
This book can be found online at:

May God bless.