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Sunday, December 28, 2008

What Does The Governing Body Actually Do Anyway?

The short answer is, not much anymore. The Watchtower Corporation's Legal Department is engaging in what I call Douchebaggery™ by dictating many of the changes of late in order to protect their BILLIONS of dollars in assets from lawsuits. The lawsuits range from pedophilia scandals to wrongful death and anywhere in between.

The long answer would be that the governing body is supposed to function as the SOLE CHANNEL of communication from Almighty God on earth. It is their responsibility to "feed" Jesus' lambs by providing spiritual food at its proper time. Whether or not they are doing this or are even the so called faithful and discreet slave are debatable issues for another thread.

It seems to me that while the governing body is fairly secretive in their actions, they are not really trying very hard to protect the reputation of the governing body or the society because more and more as time goes by, more people learn about Jehovah's Witnesses and their governing body, the more people find out very unsavory things in their past and even the present. (Pedophilia, wrongful death). Once people find out that the New Light they supposedly receive from Jehovah God is voted on by the governing body it gets sticky. Since when can men correctly over-rule the Word of God?


1)The philosophy held by douchebags, holding that no one other than themselves (or perhaps their close associates) matters in the least bit, and thus that other human beings can and should be treated like complete excrement for little or no reason (and often for selfish reasons). Closely related to fascism, which has been practiced by control freaks such as Adolf Hitler.

2)The act of putting this philosophy into practice.

A) Some notable (historical and otherwise) adherents of douchebaggery: Josef Stalin, Mao Tse Tung, George W. Bush, Adolf Hitler, Andrew Jackson, George Lincoln Rockwell, Saddam Hussein, Osama bin Laden, Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan

B) Examples of douchebaggery in practice, varying in scope and intensity (in the order of the above adherents): fascism; violent political oppression; winning an election through obvious fraud and subsequently invading Iraq based on admitted lies; the Holocaust; the genocide of the Native Americans; the founding of the American Nazi Party; more violent political oppression; declaring jihad on an entire country and slaughtering 3,000 innocent cubicle workers as part of it; declaring a War on Drugs based largely on the delusion that "every one of those goddamn bastards out to legalize marijuana is a Jew" (direct quote from President Richard Nixon); treating the Constitution and the natural environment as a set of obstacles to be overcome.

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