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Monday, December 15, 2008

Since leaving Jehovah's Witnesses I have been continuing my door to door ministry with a slight twist. I am warning people about jw's and other high control cults. I leave stickers on WT literature I find at Laundromats and doctor offices. The stickers are labeled WARNING! This literature is from a secretive, dangerous cult. Since there are many Spanish speakers in this rural community I live in I have them printed up in Spanish too for their benefit.

This afternoon around 2 PM I was out looking for people when a lady came up to me and told me to get off her street. She said she knows me from prior visits and she knows all about us jw's and that if I knew what was good for me I would leave. I smiled at her and she got really upset with me for that. She was about to go off on me when I asked her if she knew that I had left the Watchtower Cult.

She froze. She smiled and said that we needed to talk. We sat on her porch and she asked about what I am doing. When I showed her my stickers and brochures on cults and false jw doctrine she cried. She said that she had said prayers and asked God all weekend to send people to warn people about this evil cult.

She had been a victim of physical abuse by her elder husband and had fled him and the religion years before. She had no idea how to get the word out, so I told her to go to her library and access the internet and look up a site that gives ideas on how to deal effectively with cults.

I felt good. I am effecting positive change in my community and here online I am spreading the Good News, who is in fact Jesus Christ. I came home and I prayed from about 4 pm until around 7. That is the longest I have ever prayed. I cannot explain the joy and love I felt being in Jesus' presence. I felt like I would literally drown in love. I begged him to take His hand off me to spare my life.After over 40 years in the Watchtower I never prayed. Not like this. I am finally free of this cult and now I will free other trapped souls in Jesus precious Name!


Anonymous said...


If go to the above link, you'll see that you're not the only one who has left. It's interesting why and how some people leave and the research that they do - it's simply amazing. So, while JW leaders would like to tell you that people leave because of sour grapes or something like that - it's simply not true in so many cases!

Ringwielder said...

JW leaders HAVE to tell the flock that the ONLY reason someone would leave is due to selfishness, greed, lust, laziness. Of course it can never be for a good, noble reason.
Why would anybody leave the 'TRUTH' for a genuine, noble reason?

If they were to admit anything like that, they would open the floodgates to doubt and uncertainty. They have to make sure that the flock have it imprinted on their psyche that the ones who leave have been overreached by Satan.

I know. I thought exactly the same as them at one time, to my shame.