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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The New Family Study Night, What Will Be The Fare?

Imagine, a Bible study without the "watchtower's take" on things. What I would recommend doing is they read any other translation but their own, since it has been polluted with the expressions of demons through Johannes Greber.

If they MUST study their own mistranslation then I highly recommend they USE THE FOOTNOTES. They will see just how the watchtower alters the scriptures to fit their teachings. Like the one your Gilead buddy focused on, Revelation 1:10. The witness doctrine for 1914 hinges on this misquote by the watchtower.

NWT Rev 10:1 By inspiration I came to be in the Lord’s Day,

NWT Footnote on Lord's Day
“By inspiration.” Or, “In spirit.” Gr., en pneu′ma·ti; Lat., in spi′ri·tu.

Or, “I came to be under inspiration on the Lord’s Day.”

That subtle difference from John being IN the Lord's day to being On the Lord's day makes or breaks their 1914 doctrine.
"Hence, this first vision and the counsel it contains are for the Lord’s day, from 1914 onward." (Revelation book page 22 paragraph 4).

By saying John was IN the Lord's Day then the 1914 doctrine might have some weight, but it does not really say that as the footnote bears out. By checking other translations of the Bible they simply print out as the footnote indicates. "ON the Lord's day". This totally changes the meaning of the vision's timing.

The task of getting people to open their minds to accept the Real Jesus is going to be very difficult because of the degree of brainwashing in play. The Watchtower has its own brand of circular reasoning that depends on people not thinking.

They are playing with people's lives and that is why we should all pray for the Jehovah's Witnesses to come to the Real Lord Jesus.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

What Does The Governing Body Actually Do Anyway?

The short answer is, not much anymore. The Watchtower Corporation's Legal Department is engaging in what I call Douchebaggery™ by dictating many of the changes of late in order to protect their BILLIONS of dollars in assets from lawsuits. The lawsuits range from pedophilia scandals to wrongful death and anywhere in between.

The long answer would be that the governing body is supposed to function as the SOLE CHANNEL of communication from Almighty God on earth. It is their responsibility to "feed" Jesus' lambs by providing spiritual food at its proper time. Whether or not they are doing this or are even the so called faithful and discreet slave are debatable issues for another thread.

It seems to me that while the governing body is fairly secretive in their actions, they are not really trying very hard to protect the reputation of the governing body or the society because more and more as time goes by, more people learn about Jehovah's Witnesses and their governing body, the more people find out very unsavory things in their past and even the present. (Pedophilia, wrongful death). Once people find out that the New Light they supposedly receive from Jehovah God is voted on by the governing body it gets sticky. Since when can men correctly over-rule the Word of God?


1)The philosophy held by douchebags, holding that no one other than themselves (or perhaps their close associates) matters in the least bit, and thus that other human beings can and should be treated like complete excrement for little or no reason (and often for selfish reasons). Closely related to fascism, which has been practiced by control freaks such as Adolf Hitler.

2)The act of putting this philosophy into practice.

A) Some notable (historical and otherwise) adherents of douchebaggery: Josef Stalin, Mao Tse Tung, George W. Bush, Adolf Hitler, Andrew Jackson, George Lincoln Rockwell, Saddam Hussein, Osama bin Laden, Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan

B) Examples of douchebaggery in practice, varying in scope and intensity (in the order of the above adherents): fascism; violent political oppression; winning an election through obvious fraud and subsequently invading Iraq based on admitted lies; the Holocaust; the genocide of the Native Americans; the founding of the American Nazi Party; more violent political oppression; declaring jihad on an entire country and slaughtering 3,000 innocent cubicle workers as part of it; declaring a War on Drugs based largely on the delusion that "every one of those goddamn bastards out to legalize marijuana is a Jew" (direct quote from President Richard Nixon); treating the Constitution and the natural environment as a set of obstacles to be overcome.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Ex Jw's Must Stay Alert To Attacks From The Watchtower

I got the following from my friend and Brother in the faith, Joe at Christian Witnesses. It has some insightful information I thought you might find useful.Blessings and Agape to you all in Christ Jesus our Lord.



Is it coincidence the following things happened just in the past couple weeks? A forum poster or troll poser made comments that sought to set long-time friends Ray Franz and Peter Gregerson against one another. An abused ExJW woman who is Roman Catholic was called a Witch. Bill Bowen who is an independent Christian was called an atheist. Maybe those are just coincidental. Maybe some are, some aren’t. Watchtowerites would sure like to set the ExJWs & Friends community aflame if it but could. Anyway, in the meanwhile Watchtower legal is hoping to find some ExJWs with some of Watchtower’s copyrighted photos and text materials on their websites and who will not remove those. Same old same old as last year. Stay alert into and during all 2009 too.


A friend in a nearby Kansas town wrote me an extremely nice letter thanking me for helping set him free and keep him free from Watchtower. I phoned and we spoke maybe an hour in the course of which he said that about twenty-one years ago within about a one and a half year span he was in a congregation in or near Emporia, Kansas, that had three JWs to suicide.

He said that one was named Mike S--w. (name removed for privacy). He was not anyone who had, say, been disfellowshiped, but for whatever reasons, his body was found in a car and it was determined that he had deliberately inhaled auto exhaust to die. All the Elders did was give a very quick graveside prayer.

A second suicide was by an older man, Gene A---n., a long-time bachelor who was said to not have kept his house very clean. Who knows? Maybe he was “trimmed, which means to be tongue-lashed by an Elder speaking from up at the front stage, his name left out but guessable, for not being tidy. Doubtlessly he was lonely, too, and seeing that the promised paradise earth had not come -- perhaps those help explain why he suicided.

A third JW was Gene J-----n who was married to a JW Sister. They divorced. He took to partying a while then suicided.We’ll never know all the details, though my friend says most of the Elders who were involved were long-time Elders, and they very likely could tell a whole lot more about these and possibly other JW deaths by suicide etc.

As those who are ExJWs well-know, many active JWs suffer mental problems such as depression which are exacerbated by Watchtower’s policies that cause so much sorrow. As Watchtower implodes and declines, it is necessary for the Ex JWs & Friends community as well as other allied Christians to do more so that a mountain of JWs do not suicide in the years ahead.

Contact me if interested in developing house/home churches that can minister.


Sunday, December 21, 2008

Jehovah's Witnesses What Do They Teach About Sodomites?

Remember the people who died at Sodom and Gomorrah? God killed them after judging them to be too wicked to continue living. Right? So do they come back in the resurrection, at least for judgment?

Wait, He judged them already.

Let's see how the governing body/faithful and discreet slave has worked thru the NEW LIGHT of this issue.

1879 YES the Sodomites will come back in the resurrection.(1879 Watchtower on pages 7 and 8).

1941 NO the Sodomites will NOT come back in the resurrection.(1941 Watchtower on page 367).

1955 Emphasis on NO, they will NOT be back in the resurrection.(1955 Watchtower on page 676).

1965 YES, they WILL be back in the resurrection.(March 1, 1965 Watchtower page 138 paragraph 4 ).

1967 NO, they will NOT be back in the resurrection.(March 1, 1967 watchtower page 136).

1974 YES, they WILL be back in the resurrection.(August 15, 1974 Watchtower page 485).

1988 NO, they will NOT be back in the resurrection.(June 1, 1988 Watchtower page 30).

1988 YES, they WILL be back in the resurrection.(Insight Volume 2 page 985).

1989 NO, they will NOT be back in the resurrection.(Live Forever Book page 179).

As you can see from their own literature, they have flip-flopped EIGHT times and now since 1989, the answer is NO, the Sodomites will NOT return in the resurrection. And that IS FINAL! Or is it??

For being the "Sole channel of communication" and Jehovah's Mouthpiece here on Earth, I have to wonder if Jehovah keeps sending the "Slave Class" conflicting messages, or if these "Nine Blind Guides" of the governing body are just lying about that SOLE channel thing. What do you think? Is God feebleminded, indecisive, and flippant, or is the governing body?

Vindicating The Name Of Jehovah!

Jehovah's Witnesses claim that they are the only group to be vindicating the Mighty Name of Jehovah in all the earth. How are they accomplishing this?

To begin we need to dissect the Tetragrammaton and make sure all is well in Watchtowerland. There are no vowels in the Tetragrammaton, so we have no idea how to pronounce it. It could be Yaweh, Yahwah, YoYo, or even Yippee for all we know. Here is some interesting info:

Dr. J. B. Rotherham states in the preface of his Bible concerning Jehovah: "Erroneously written and pronounced Jehovah, which is merely a combination of the sacred Tetragrammaton and the vowels in the Hebrew word for Lord, substituted by the Jews for JHVH, because they shrank from pronouncing The Name, owing to an old misconception of the two passages, Ex. 20:7 and Lev. 24:16...To give the name JHVH the vowels of the word for Lord [Heb. Adonai], is about as hybrid a combination as it would be to spell the name Germany with the vowels in the name Portugal - viz., Gormuna. The monstrous combination Jehovah is not older than about 1520 A.D." (Truthseek.net)

Jehovah's Witnesses say it is important to use Jehovah and to vindicate His Holy Name. But are they accurate in using Jehovah? No, they even admit it on pages 16 and 18 of the book "Let Your Name Be sanctified" they admit that Yahweh is the superior translation of YHWH.

In the preface of their own "Kingdom Interlinear Translation of the Greek Scriptures" page 23 shares this admission with the reader:"While inclining to view the pronunciation 'Yahweh' as the more correct way, we have retained the form 'Jehovah' because of people's familiarity with it since the 14th century. Moreover, it preserves equally with other forms, the four letters of the Tetragrammaton JHVH."

In other words, they know they have God's Name all wrong, but they are not going to change because people are more familiar with the WRONG NAME? They are VINDICATING an incorrect name because people are familiar with it?

What sort of Vindicating is this?


Truthseek.net: http://www.truthseek.net/Yahweh.html

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Painting People With The Wide Brush Of Apostasy

Having been raised as one of Jehovah's Witnesses since the mid 1960's and having been associated with this group until just recently, I can tell you what Jehovah's Witnesses believe heresy to be.To jw's, heresy as a word is relatively unheard within the loaded language of the "Society". The society's preferred word is apostasy. And a heretic is called an apostate.

To qualify for the title of Apostate, one need not curse God or Christ. One does not even have to abandon faith in God. All a jw has to do is disagree with the often inaccurate teachings of the Watchtower's leaders. Voicing a question about the teachings is verboten. One must keep silent about any questions and especially "doubts" they may have or face being "marked" as rebellious like Satan was rebellious. If pushed to the extreme, the jw's will in fact expel one from their midst in the form of shunning and disfellowshippings.

This is odd, because the New Testament has no punishment laid out for apostasy.

Here are some examples of what can be considered apostasy:Attending another church.

Participating in Interfaith activities.
Saying Amen to any prayer other than one given by another jw.
Actively sharing information that unmasks the faulty and unbiblical teachings of the society.

There are many other things that the jw's can slap the apostate label to. For instance, when I heard about the book study arrangement changing from being held in private homes and being moved into the kingdom halls I shared this with my father in law, who is too ill to attend meetings anymore. I told him that the announcement was coming out on a Sunday in about a month or so.

Well, that Sunday came and the announcement was made. I had been correct in every detail. My father in law's brother went to visit him and to share this morsel of food from the faithful and discreet slave "class". When he told my father in law my father in law had no real reaction. He just said, "Yes I know." His brother got agitated and asked how the heck he could know since only the presiding overseer was the only one to know until he told the body of elders 15 minutes before the congregation was even told. He told him that Mister Lorenzo had told him last month. LOL

Well the guy about had a fit. He was all upset and said that I was an apostate for knowing that information. I dunno how having information makes me an apostate, but he is still reeling from the fact that I, an inactive jw at the time knew more than elders did. When I hear new tidbits I share them and wait for the guy to find out I knew months before any elders did. He will eventually stroke out unless he learns to control that temper. I told him that he needs to put on the "New Personality" and work on his fruitage of the Spirit otherwise he will fall into apostasy.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Nine Blind Guides. Nine Blind Guides. See How They Change.

The faithful and discreet slave was in the beginnings of the Watchtower Society C.T. Russell. He WAS the slave. Later on after Russell died, the drunkard, Joseph "Judge" Rutherford seized control of the WT and set it up to be an organizational body that would command every thought and belief of the JW's.The terms slave class, anointed class, heavenly class were coined and are supposed to represent the faithful and discreet slave class. However, of the roughly 9,000 living and documented anointed do not actually have any voice in the way the WT runs, teaches or preaches. The actual fds is a group of nine anointed elders (all men) who are called the governing body of Jehovah's witnesses.

These nine men have in their power the ability to change yesterday's truth into today's lie by voting on doctrines and teachings. If six of the nine vote for Christmas to be considered Pagan, then Pagan it is. 2/3 majority makes or breaks any doctrine or perceived truth held by Jehovah's Witnesses.The people being misled by these nine blind guides are in serious jeopardy. Their very lives are in the hands of monsters that teach what are the expressions of demons and deny most of them the chance at salvation. I pray for them because they were once my brothers and sisters in faith. Please say a prayer with me now for them and indeed all blinded by Satan to find the Light of Precious Jesus.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Since leaving Jehovah's Witnesses I have been continuing my door to door ministry with a slight twist. I am warning people about jw's and other high control cults. I leave stickers on WT literature I find at Laundromats and doctor offices. The stickers are labeled WARNING! This literature is from a secretive, dangerous cult. Since there are many Spanish speakers in this rural community I live in I have them printed up in Spanish too for their benefit.

This afternoon around 2 PM I was out looking for people when a lady came up to me and told me to get off her street. She said she knows me from prior visits and she knows all about us jw's and that if I knew what was good for me I would leave. I smiled at her and she got really upset with me for that. She was about to go off on me when I asked her if she knew that I had left the Watchtower Cult.

She froze. She smiled and said that we needed to talk. We sat on her porch and she asked about what I am doing. When I showed her my stickers and brochures on cults and false jw doctrine she cried. She said that she had said prayers and asked God all weekend to send people to warn people about this evil cult.

She had been a victim of physical abuse by her elder husband and had fled him and the religion years before. She had no idea how to get the word out, so I told her to go to her library and access the internet and look up a site that gives ideas on how to deal effectively with cults.

I felt good. I am effecting positive change in my community and here online I am spreading the Good News, who is in fact Jesus Christ. I came home and I prayed from about 4 pm until around 7. That is the longest I have ever prayed. I cannot explain the joy and love I felt being in Jesus' presence. I felt like I would literally drown in love. I begged him to take His hand off me to spare my life.After over 40 years in the Watchtower I never prayed. Not like this. I am finally free of this cult and now I will free other trapped souls in Jesus precious Name!

JW's & The Blood Issue, GREED or Faith?

It's sad how jw's cherry pick a few scriptures to support their lies. When read IN CONTEXT, the scriptures in Acts are talking about the drinking of animal blood and the eating of it in strangled animals in conjunction with pagan idolatry. Nothing more.

The Old Testament or Hebrew scriptures make it plain that eating blood is not acceptable. However in the case of an emergency, when King Saul's men were famished and exhausted they did not properly bleed the animals they slaughtered. They did indeed eat blood with the meat. Did Jehovah rain down sulfur and fire from heaven or Antimatter radiation like one of their governing body says He may have used?

No, these sinners were forgiven. And that was back when the Old Testament and so-called ANGRY God was running the show.

Now, today we have Christ in charge and He told of forgiveness and wanting mercy instead of sacrifice. How did He manage that? By giving us all a figurative blood transfusion. We live by drinking HIS Blood.

Regarding the use of fragmented blood. They are being hypocritical. Blood is blood. They say we are stealing God's property when we misuse blood. OK let's say this is true for the sake of this discussion. Stealing is a sin. So if blood is a car and the components of the car are blood fragments how do you answer this?

If stealing a car is wrong, is stealing that car's wheels, carburetor, and windows ok? By their governing body's reasoning it is.

They capitulated to the idea of being sued by surviving family members every time one of their people dies following their doctrines by saying fragments are ok. When does Almighty God capitulate to anyone or anything? Should not His so-called organization on earth reflect His personality? Jesus did so and we all know that Christians are supposed to reflect Christ.

No, there is nothing else at work here but greed. Jesus would never allow one of His commands to be ignored. He does not fear losing the revenue from a multi-billion dollar publishing and real estate empire. But the Witnesses do. Their leadership fears nothing more than losing their precious Almighty Dollars. They are willing to say it's ok to accept blood fragments even when they believe it is wrong. If they truly believe the blood issue to be scriptural they would not give in even one inch. They would stand firm and allow Jehovah's Spirit to work in their favor. But they don't. They hide behind their legal department and avoid lawsuits in order to save their precious money.

I pray fervently everyday that the members of this cult have their eyes opened. Jesus can open their eyes to this hypocrisy and He will if they only ask. I encourage all Christians to pray for these lost and blind souls to find Jesus and the freedom that comes with serving Him. His yoke is light and easy to bear, unlike the legalistic and heavy load the watchtower places on the shoulders of their adherents.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Circuit Overseer Visit Is So Important

It is very important for some and not at all important to others. This man comes a couple of times a year to each congregation and does indeed whip the elders into whipping the rank and file jw's. It is a time for baptized brothers to suck up to him in order to qualify for "privileges", while other rank and file congregants "go over the heads of the elders" to voice and get his view on a problem they are having with the body of elders.

These men are venerated as demigods and wield a dangerous amount of power. An example, back in 1969 our family was paid a visit by the circuit overseer and we received him cordially into our home. He was telling my folks how important it was to go out in field service because in a few short years, Armageddon would be upon us and they did not want to die then because they missed that one door and opportunity to preach.

My folks were very much enthralled at the way he described the end of days coming in such a short amount of time. When my dad asked how soon he said that he spoke with the governing body before leaving for that particular visit and he said that we could be assured that my kid sister would not even start school before the end came.

She was about two years old at that time. She did indeed start and finish her schooling, raised two kids who are now in their early twenties, and she has a 3 year old grandson who will probably see his great grandkids finish their schooling on the moon before anything the jw's say ever comes true.

This man was a liar and deliberately misled my family and indeed hundreds and hundreds of other families with his falsehoods. The power these men are allowed to have is criminal. They feel like they can say or do anything they please. Some of them treat people kindly and lie thru their teeth, while others are just rude and hateful while they lie to everyone.

An example would be a CO named Mega. That short, baldy-headed little cockroach had the nerve to insult people in the kingdom hall. He once told a slightly overweight elder that he better lose twenty pounds or he would never give another talk at an assembly. Jehovah hates gluttons.

At one circuit assembly in Yuba City, CA a youngster was walking from his seat to the bathroom it looked like. He happened to be seen by Mega who felt distracted. He stopped his discourse and stared at the boy who had his back to him and said, "MODALES" which translates to English as, "MANNERS". The child's parents were very embarrassed and left the assembly a few moments after that ridiculous display of authority. I heard they never returned to the meetings as they were not even baptized jw's. Not sure if that part is true, but it is what I heard.

The visit from the CO tends to be glorified and really stresses out the elders who invariably get scolded for any inactive or irregular publishers, too many disfellowshippings, or not enough of them. This man is made out to be an apostle with special inside information for the rank and file, so, much anticipation is really driving the spike in attendance during his visit. Once he is gone, the inactive go back to inactivity, the irregulars become regular for a week or two, and then they revert back to their usual lack of interest and activity because the elders slip back into their lardass complacency.

The CO is nothing more than a corporate sales manager who comes by to inspect the daily sales reports of local watchtower stores.

Alcyone The Throne Of Jehovah Followup

THE WATCHTOWER stated, "it would be unwise for us to try to fix God's throne as being at a particular spot in the universe." (November 15, page 703) So apparently that was a reason to repudiate the previous teaching of Judge Rutherford that Jehovah was actually located on that star.

They used that star in conjunction with the Great Pyramid to arrive at the the 1914 year of Christ's presence. Amazing, and this is what Jesus came and found to be the true religion?

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Jehovah Packed His Things And Moved In 1953?

Yes, the Watchtower Society used to actively teach its disciples that Jehovah God resided in the center of the universe on the star called Alcyone in the Pleiades star cluster. They began teaching this in 1881 when the Great Pyramid pointed it out to them. Then they dropped this teaching in 1953. Was it because Jehovah packed up His stuff and moved His throne to Brooklyn Bethel?

Don't believe me? Here is a scan of one of their publications stating the exact location of Jehovah.

I will be researching why they quit believing this and report back when I hear something concrete that I can prove with facts.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

What does the Watchtower Tell Its Followers About Going To University/College?

Something that I find to be very irritating is the way some JWs lie about what the Watchtower actually teaches about young JWs going after a college education. On different forums the question about whether or not the society actually discourages its youth to attend college or not. Many JWs are either out of ignorance or outright deception lie to the person asking the question by lying and stating that there are no set rules or ideals the society hands down about the topic of kids going to college. And of course, those of us who know the truth will answer honestly and provide proof from the watchtower's own literature how the idea of further education is indeed discouraged.

It is important to read the literature and listen to their public discourses very carefully in order to catch the subtle use of mind control being used to manipulate the thoughts of those taking in the information. The society may write in a small disclaimer saying they are not the master's of one's faith and one must make up their own mind about a college education, BUT...

BUT, in the end they do not give you a balanced view of the outcome. They will say that you will make more money with a degree in your hands, but will money get you through the tribulation? Or they point out that while going to college might be good, it is like risking your very soul if you do go. They always focus on the negative and subliminally leave a person with the idea that college is one of Satan's snares and if they hide under the organizational skirts of the motherly watchtower society all will be right in the world.

Some JWs have gone to college, but it is not something their governing body really sanctions. They tell people that going to college can be like a person with a brain tumor trying to kill themselves to end their suffering. They take a rifle, put the barrel into their mouth, pull the trigger and the bullet perfectly excises the tumor and the person survives to go on and enjoy a happy and normal life afterward.

They say, sure some JWs may SURVIVE college, but is it worth the risk?

Don't believe me? Listen to Brother Lösch of their own governing body discourage young people using that exact example here:

Below is an article in a recent Watchtower article that plants the idea of going to college in the middle of temptations like smoking, doing drugs, and engaging in activities that might lead one to become violent or sexually immoral.


What will be the “End Afterward”?

Young people are often exposed to temptations and pressures to experiment with things that seem popular. Here are some likely scenarios.

-Someone dares you to smoke a cigarette.

-A well-intentioned teacher urges you to pursue higher education at a university.

-You are invited to a party where alcohol and possibly drugs will be freely available.

-”Why don’t you post your profile on the Internet”? Someone suggests.

-A friend invites you to watch a movie that features violence or immorality.

If you are ever confronted with any of such situations, what will you do? Will you simply give in, or will you carefully consider what the “end afterward” could be? You would be wise to ask yourself: “Can a man rake together fire into his bosom and yet his very garments not be burned? Or can a man walk upon the coals and his feet themselves not be scorched.”---Proverbs 6:27, 28 (Watchtower September 1, 2008 Pg. 10)


A talk given at a Special Assembly in Monza, Italy on May 22, 2005 features Gerrit Lösch a member of Jehovah's Witnesses governing body (The Highest Leaders of the Watchtower Corporation)comparing attending college to shooting yourself in the head with a rifle.

Watchtower September 1, 2008 Pg. 10

Friday, December 5, 2008

The Watchtower's False Teachings About Christmas Exposed

My friend and brother in the Lord Joe over at http://www.ChristianWitnesses.com asked me to use some of the site's information about the origins of Christmas and create a video for all to see. I am posting it here and at youtube and myspace.

Isn't it about time the lies stop and the Joy and Love of Christ Jesus are allowed to shine in this dark world we live in?

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Did Jehovah Lie To JWs For 81 Years?

I have been following the online posts of a young elder from Southern California for a about a month now. He hits the JW doctrines with hard-hitting but humorous punches. Here is one I just read. It deals with the "Generation" of Matthew 24:34.
Credit to Olin Moyles.

Jehovah's Witnesses have changed their beliefs over the past 100 years several times because the governing body (AKA faithful and discreet slave) has provided new light on certain watchtower doctrines. For instance the Generation of Matthew 24:34.

They recently stopped believing this generation was one thing and went back to an old, obsolete teaching last taught in 1927. Since the governing body claims to be appointed by Jesus Christ Himself (WT 4/15/2001 page 29) and is in fact the only "channel" that God is using to guide mankind (Our Kingdom Ministry 9/2002 page 8), then why did Jehovah lie to Jehovah's Witnesses for 81 years and then go back to a previous teaching on "This Generation"?

Oh wait, it is impossible for God to lie! (Hebrews 6:18)So who was either tuned to the wrong "CHANNEL" and gave wrong information, or out and out lied to us for the past 81 years?Since the father of the lie is Satan, then perhaps it is not the Truthful Christ Jesus who appoints the governing body after all.


...the Governing Body is not appointed by any man but is appointed by Jesus Christ. WT 4/15/2001 page 29

Bear in mind that our heavenly Father has an appointed channel of communication, “the faithful and discreet slave.”Our Kingdom Ministry 9/2002 page 8

Olin Moyle is a Christian. One of Jehovah's Witnesses. An elder no less.