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Sunday, December 7, 2008

What does the Watchtower Tell Its Followers About Going To University/College?

Something that I find to be very irritating is the way some JWs lie about what the Watchtower actually teaches about young JWs going after a college education. On different forums the question about whether or not the society actually discourages its youth to attend college or not. Many JWs are either out of ignorance or outright deception lie to the person asking the question by lying and stating that there are no set rules or ideals the society hands down about the topic of kids going to college. And of course, those of us who know the truth will answer honestly and provide proof from the watchtower's own literature how the idea of further education is indeed discouraged.

It is important to read the literature and listen to their public discourses very carefully in order to catch the subtle use of mind control being used to manipulate the thoughts of those taking in the information. The society may write in a small disclaimer saying they are not the master's of one's faith and one must make up their own mind about a college education, BUT...

BUT, in the end they do not give you a balanced view of the outcome. They will say that you will make more money with a degree in your hands, but will money get you through the tribulation? Or they point out that while going to college might be good, it is like risking your very soul if you do go. They always focus on the negative and subliminally leave a person with the idea that college is one of Satan's snares and if they hide under the organizational skirts of the motherly watchtower society all will be right in the world.

Some JWs have gone to college, but it is not something their governing body really sanctions. They tell people that going to college can be like a person with a brain tumor trying to kill themselves to end their suffering. They take a rifle, put the barrel into their mouth, pull the trigger and the bullet perfectly excises the tumor and the person survives to go on and enjoy a happy and normal life afterward.

They say, sure some JWs may SURVIVE college, but is it worth the risk?

Don't believe me? Listen to Brother Lösch of their own governing body discourage young people using that exact example here:

Below is an article in a recent Watchtower article that plants the idea of going to college in the middle of temptations like smoking, doing drugs, and engaging in activities that might lead one to become violent or sexually immoral.


What will be the “End Afterward”?

Young people are often exposed to temptations and pressures to experiment with things that seem popular. Here are some likely scenarios.

-Someone dares you to smoke a cigarette.

-A well-intentioned teacher urges you to pursue higher education at a university.

-You are invited to a party where alcohol and possibly drugs will be freely available.

-”Why don’t you post your profile on the Internet”? Someone suggests.

-A friend invites you to watch a movie that features violence or immorality.

If you are ever confronted with any of such situations, what will you do? Will you simply give in, or will you carefully consider what the “end afterward” could be? You would be wise to ask yourself: “Can a man rake together fire into his bosom and yet his very garments not be burned? Or can a man walk upon the coals and his feet themselves not be scorched.”---Proverbs 6:27, 28 (Watchtower September 1, 2008 Pg. 10)


A talk given at a Special Assembly in Monza, Italy on May 22, 2005 features Gerrit Lösch a member of Jehovah's Witnesses governing body (The Highest Leaders of the Watchtower Corporation)comparing attending college to shooting yourself in the head with a rifle.

Watchtower September 1, 2008 Pg. 10


Anonymous said...

I am not sure if I was not to be sarcastic or judgmental or hateful to YOU or to that Organization?

Anyway I will run this up the Flag Pole and see if anyone salutes it.

I was a young boy and studied with a sister in las vegas, NV. when us kid's were all between 8-13. I was 9. We studied the Blue "Truth Book" but the gal we studied with could not get off the 1975 End of the World dogma.
It would not had been so bad to say that but for young kids learning that the END was just a couple short years away... Well, We watched the Sister fall away. Her and her husband went out and went heavy into debt knowing they wouldn't have to pay it back. Sorry Suckers.
Because of them us kid's all fell away. But it seemed that as each of us kids that hit a low ebb in our lives later in life were suddenly being love bombed by elders that popped up out of no where. My twin brothers got baptized in 1981, I did in 1983 and my Mom and one sister got dipped around 1987 or so. My other sister asked and asked and asked until she said screw it and then suddenly the CO (Circuit Overseer) got wind and chewed some elder hides out. If you were to read Rutherford's comment about baptism he said, "Anyone that accepted the Lord could be Baptized and by ANYONE. After all, It was not WHO was doing the Baptism but more important was the person getting baptized.
He also said it would be great for groups as small as 4 or 5, Maybe more to study God's word. Of course that blows the September 2007 KM "QB" out of the water, Yet we all know now, That if Charlie Russell or Rutherford were alive today... They would BOTH be Disfellowshipped for their belief's today.
I hold the same contempt that you have for that Faithful Slave. When the Society came out with the statement that.. Jesus was the Mediator between GOD and The Anointed and NOT the rest of Mankind that's when I started doing my homework.
I later found that where YOU and I answered YES to the 2 Baptism questions, We were baptized into the Christ. In 1985 that changed. All new baptized ones were now being baptized into God's THEOCRATIC ORGANIZATION.Not what I signed up for by any means. Jesus Christ is MY Lord and Savior - and not a bunch of idiots in New York.All men are Sinners and you can recall how pissed Jehovah was that his people wanted someone on EARTH to lead them. Yet today when you are told that the BIBLE is a SEALED BOOK and that ONLY the Slave Class has the KEY'S you might as well start erasing what 2 Tim 3:16 say's and what the Borean's did with the scriptures.
EVEN WORSE, The Writing Committee is who writes the Magazines and then the GB oks it so in fact We were NOT being lead by the Slave but just normal people like US.
I had a few things hit me that had me question who my worship was going to and I needed to make sure it was to the Christ. Jehovah said, This is MY SON, Listen to HIM. So when Jesus said, NO ONE comes to the Father, Except through ME. or I am the Light and the TRUTH.
It was impossible for me to give my devotion to any-man or Organization after understanding what Jesus Christ, My Lord and Savior said. It was JESUS, NOT JEHOVAH that said... Come to me, all YOU who are toiling and loaded down, and I will refresh YOU. Take my yoke upon YOU and learn from me, for I am mild-tempered and lowly in heart, and YOU will find refreshment for YOUR souls.For my yoke is kindly and my load is light.
What is More important is that the Bible has been Mis-quoted when we hear the term GOOD NEWS of the KINGDOM. Why? (Mark 1:1) 1 [The] beginning of the good news about Jesus Christ. . .
Christ was the GOOD NEWS, That is why Jesus said, He that does not confess union with ME before Man, I will NOT confess union with him before my Father. It is the Christ that one accepts - and NOT an Earthly Organization. More and more I saw that I was being TOLD in the Watchtower what my "Faith" was. Yet my Heart was really telling me what my "Faith" IS... And that is in and Through Christ. As I typed that I think of how Peter heard the Cock Crow and Wept... He had said he would not dis-own the Christ yet 3 times he was asked if he was With that man and he said no..
I'm not sure how much Blog room I have for a comment so I will close with this final remark. Invite me back if you want.
When I learned of the Link to the UNITED NATION that the Organization hid for 10 years and then said the left after seeing that the Language changed for Membership, I called the United Nations and the guy on the phone was pissed. He said, "Although I am not allowed to disseminate their membership status I can say this... The requirements have never changed for an NGO or DPI. To BE one, One must accept the ENTIRE CHARTER of the United Nations. ( You Know, The Whore )
In closing you can go back to the Cedar Point assembly and see that the Society said by "Resolution" that at NO TIME will any Jehovah's Witness Ever Join the United Nations. I now refer you to the Society's remark about Membership at the YMCA. To Join the YMCA ( Definition was given about what all Membership Really Is and Joining would be an act of INTERFAITH YADDA YADDA.) But their Final word on the Membership said it would be and act of APOSTASY. Therefore the Society became Apostate when they joined the UN.

It was bad enough to say that in 1919 that Jehovah/Jesus looked at ALL the Other Religions and found that the Bible Students were the only ones (DOING) God's Will.
LIES, They still Celebrated Christmas, Used the Cross, Were in WARS, Smoked... They were no "Different" then the Other Religions.

Keith in Montana.

Anonymous said...

WHY is Jesus so Important?

Why did Tomas say MY LORD and MY GOD? and WHY didn't Jesus reprove Tomas for calling him HIS GOD?

(John 20:24-29) . . .But Thomas, one of the twelve, who was called The Twin, was not with them when Jesus came. 25 Consequently the other disciples would say to him: “We have seen the Lord!” But he said to them: “Unless I see in his hands the print of the nails and stick my finger into the print of the nails and stick my hand into his side, I will certainly not believe.” 26 Well, eight days later his disciples were again indoors, and Thomas with them. Jesus came, although the doors were locked, and he stood in their midst and said: “May YOU have peace.” 27 Next he said to Thomas: “Put your finger here, and see my hands, and take your hand and stick it into my side, and stop being unbelieving but become believing.” 28 In answer Thomas said to him: “My Lord and my God!” 29 Jesus said to him: “Because you have seen me have you believed? Happy are those who do not see and yet believe.”

(Acts 7:59-60) 59 And they went on casting stones at Stephen as he made appeal and said: “Lord Jesus, receive my spirit.” 60 Then, bending his knees, he cried out with a strong voice: “Jehovah, do not charge this sin against them.” And after saying this he fell asleep [in death].

ONE WITNESSES, Not about a KINGDOM on Earth, But WITNESSES about having "FAITH" in Jesus, And as for ANYONE claiming to be CHRISTIAN, your MINISTRY should be about the CHRIST and drawing Others to the Christ and not about gaining Membership into any EARTHLY man made Religion.
(Acts 20:21-24) . . .But I thoroughly bore witness both to Jews and to Greeks about repentance toward God and faith in our Lord Jesus. 22 And now, look! bound in the spirit, I am journeying to Jerusalem, although not knowing the things that will happen to me in it, 23 except that from city to city the holy spirit repeatedly bears witness to me as it says that bonds and tribulations are waiting for me. 24 Nevertheless, I do not make my soul of any account as dear to me, if only I may finish my course and the ministry that I received of the Lord Jesus, to bear thorough witness to the good news of the undeserved kindness of God.

The GOOD NEWS is about the CHRIST, and what HE, Jesus through his shed Blood will do for all those that BELIEVE in his Grace. Amen

Mister Lorenzo said...

Thanks for you post, Keith! You madse some very valid points. All backed byScripture no less.

Anonymous said...

I wanted to also remind your readers of how some "Groups" work. For example. )Mormon's have been known to Baptize "Others" by Proxy.

Sadly, When the Swiss Bank was releasing $1,250.000.000 in funds for those who survived the German SS and the Slave Labor performed during WWII, Like Clock-Work the Watchtower Organization was there with it's cupped hands out.

They were applying (By Proxy) for all those poor JW's that had performed 'Slave Labor" for the German SS, The Female Attorney acting on behalf of the 'MANY' now DEAD Jehovah's Witnesses could be quoted as saying that the Witnesses helped build these 40+ Concentration Camp's. Wikipedia calls them (DEATH CAMPS)...

The Female Lawyer for the Society talked about how many of the Jehovah's Witnesses actually had it better then the Jews/Homosexuals and others. After all, They were just Neutral... Right? Well...


Felderer, at one time a prominent Jehovah's Witness, is known as an early researcher into the physical evidence in every major concentration camp in then Communist Eastern Europe. Felderer took over 30,000 photographs of every conceivable detail in the camps.
(( He discovered that there was a swimming pool for the inmates in Auschwitz, modern hospital facilities, including a gynecological section, as well as an orchestra, live theatre, well-stocked library, and sculpting classes. He discovered the musical score of the "Auschwitz Waltz" in the secret archives accessible only with special permission. He found that an intimate role was played by Jehovah Witnesses in the camps, who cooperated with the SS-Administration, and he exposed the lie of the 27,000 Jehovah's Witnesses killed.))

Wow, Imagine working right along with the German SS WAR MACHINE helping Build these 40+ camps that Killed Millions of Jews a Few Jehovah's Witnesses and the Homosexual's and others interned at these DEATH CAMP'S. (( Sleeping With the Enemy?))

Can you imagine the unmitigated Gull to say you wanted PAID for those Services. Let alone basically holding hands with the SS Guards?

You know, I thought that was bad enough but to have that Lawyer say they would use the "Fund's" to launch an educational program with that money. Yea, Right... Has anyone heard of that Program?

Being a Jehovah's Witness, I know for a FACT that the Organization has ZERO Charities and not only that, They won't even Pray to Jehovah/Jesus to help the People, or Governments in the World. Yet the Scriptures clearly state that He, Jehovah had allowed mankind to Govern themselves and how Christians are to support their Governments, Until... Yes, They go against his Order.

*** w98 9/1 p. 16 Stay Close to the Theocracy ***

According to the Bible, human governments “stand placed in their relative positions by God.” Jehovah, the Source of all authority, permits governments to exist, and he expects them to do good to those under their jurisdiction. When they do so, they are “God’s minister.” Christians are subject to the government of the land in which they live “on account of [their] conscience.” ( Imagine,They are God's Ministers ) The present LAW and ORDER.

I was wondering how the Society heard about the Swiss Bank funds? Perhaps it was because of the Timing of being an NGO or DPI inside the United Nations as the aforesaid 10 year Membership. Ya Think?

Now what really hurts is that I am a FORD man. Ford Motors operated inside Germany during the War. I do believe that their Truck Division as I read, Switched from building the Regular Trucks, To Hitlers Much Needed German (Half-Tracks).

I can see WHY the Witnesses are warned about the Dangers of the Internet. Yet out of the 40+ Supreme Court cases WON for Freedom of Speech, That if ( YOU ) exercise your CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT to say your opinion with the freedom of speech. YOU "WILL" be Disfellowshipped for Not being NEUTRAL.

Yet I actually wonder if it is Neutral for them to cast Judgment on the United Nations and all the Other Governments that the Bible said GOD HAS PLACED THEM IN THEIR RELATIVE POSITIONS. *** w00 3/15 p. 13 ‘O God, Send Out Your Light’ ***

For example, C. T. Russell could not have correctly understood the meaning of the symbolic scarlet-colored wild beast mentioned at Revelation 17:9-11, since the organizations that the beast represents, namely, the League of Nations and the United Nations, did not even exist until after his death. I get it, Charlie was an Apostate Teaching something Other then what the Society was Teaching.

What that means for the Rank in File is that for years you have been PREACHING DOOR TO DOOR bringing the "TRUTH" to the people of the World and Now, That has all Changed. How doe you ask that it Changed??? Go Ahead, ASK...

The Society Suddenly got the DEER IN THE HEADLIGHT LOOK.
*** w00 3/15 p. 13 ‘O God, Send Out Your Light’ ***

A brilliant flash of light on one Bible subject sometimes leads God’s anointed servants, “the faithful and discreet slave,” to reexamine related topics, as the following recent example illustrates.—Matthew 24:45

In short, What was or IS presented as the TRUTH THEN or NOW... May suddenly be Changed by a BRILLIANT FLASH.

Therefore, Anyone who goes Door to Door with the TRUTH may in FACT be Telling a LIE. woe woe woe.

May you all have PEACE through OUR LORD and Savior, Christ Jesus.

NOT the Faithful and Discreet Slave.

Why? Because OUR Lord Christ Jesus is he SAME (Today as he was Yesterday.)
P.S. I got that from God's Word. 2 Tim 3:16
Let GOD be FOUND TRUE, and Every Man a be found a LIAR. Amen

Edward Albright said...

Your first flaw is that Garrett Loesch is not the Watchtower. He is a member of the governing body.
There is a difference.

What people do with their own person lives is no one's business.
If people want to go to college, that is fine. No one cares or is going to say anything about that.

But the fact is that the college educated ones are the ones who have ruined the economy. They are the ones laying off thousands. I'm sure that the top management of the big 3 have great educations. The same with the banks and other institutions.

People are spending time and money for a piece of paper to impress others but it does no good.

As a religious instructor, it is his job to teach the Bible's view on matters and he does.

Edward Albright said...

Mit Mit said:
"but the gal we studied with could not get off the 1975 End of the World dogma."

Note that it is the people that took that too far.

"the END was just a couple short years away."

Note how the focus is on the end by you and the people.

People base too much on what the people said and what the literature said, but Jehovah's Witnesses is not about your experiences and what was said by you and read by you.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Albright,

It is nice to actually find someone who defends The Organization instead of being BUSY talking about Our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus.

I love to read the Bible. You might LIKE to read the Bible but sadly ONLY the WATCHTOWER can explain it for you. If you were to realize that it is in fact - The Christ that mankind was to turn instead of a Earthly Organization.

I would love to have you do ONE thing for me. Show me PROOF that the Organization is is in fact, GOD'S Organization. I for YEARS have listened to how they claim to be.

Maybe you could be like Gideon. Rent Some PRIME TIME TV Slot and Humbly do as he - Gideon did. *** w66 4/15 pp. 250-251 Gideon—Modest and Valiant Fighter for Jehovah ***

He asked that a fleece spread out at night on his threshing floor be wet with dew the next morning but all the rest of the floor be dry. When God granted him this miracle, Gideon asked for a miracle of the converse: “Do not let your anger blaze against me, but let me speak just once more. Let me, please, make a test only once more with the fleece. Let, please, dryness occur to the fleece alone, and upon all the earth let there come to be dew.” Yes, Gideon cautiously wanted to have Jehovah’s being with him established by two tests so that there could be no question as to whether the first miracle had been just a coincidence. And Jehovah, far from being displeased, granted Gideon this request also, which, let it be noted, was made with due modesty.

Every Religion claims to have God on their side. I could again say, If your willing to look at all the Dates the Society has said the END was close. 1874, 1914, 1915 1918, 1925 and 1975. What did Jehovah say about this and those speaking in Jehovah's Name?

(Deuteronomy 18:20-22) 20 “‘However, the prophet who presumes to speak in my name a word that I have not commanded him to speak or who speaks in the name of other gods, that prophet must die. 21 And in case you should say in your heart: “How shall we know the word that Jehovah has not spoken?” 22 when the prophet speaks in the name of Jehovah and the word does not occur or come true, that is the word that Jehovah did not speak. With presumptuousness the prophet spoke it. You must not get frightened at him.. . .

What really impresses me is the Bible Truth. "Let no one seduce you in any manner, because it will not come unless the apostasy comes first and the man of lawlessness gets revealed, the son of destruction.”—2Th 2:1-3."

When one reads Ezekiel Jehovah Identify's that one as being in the intimate position of His People, The Society has long claimed the Apostasy is the False Clergy of our time. Showing Hitler with the Roman Catholic Church. Just as an example. Yet the White Washed walls Jehovah is going to bring them down.

Instead of taking in Life Water FREE and Coming to the Christ. The Society say's you have to have THEM for your Salvation. They have removed the deity of Christ and replaced Him with the SLAVE CLASS.

I am not sure why so many people have cannot identify Christ as his disciples correctly did. Jehovah said Every Knee shall bend to his anointed Son. LOVE was the message. Remember Jesus replaced the hundreds of old laws ans gave the Two Greater Commands. Ending with, ABOVE THESE... THERE is NO LAW.

I praise you if your out in your Ministry. But if You are not talking about Jesus Christ at every door. What value is your ministry?

People are invited into studying the Bible, Yet they wind up studying Book's of Indoctrination. Proverbs say's to the Making of many Books there are. With all the Books few Witnesses ever get to read the Bible. They are too busy reading Books after book and can't read the Bible.

I knew something was wrong when after I got Baptized the Society CHANGED the 2 questions. Look that up if you like. 1985.

You know, I love to acknowledge Jehovah is God. Yet when you sit at a 2 hour Meeting and not hear the Name of Christ Jesus mentioned ONCE... Something is Wrong.

But I would also like to say. Go to ANY BOOK, ANY... Go to ANY Watchtower... ANY... When ever the Society asked a Question, THEY INSTANTLY Answer it. They don't allow anyone to draw an answer from their Bible learning. Everything is supplied from the Society.
The Borean's (spelling) The examined the scriptures daily to Prove within their own hearts that they indeed had the "Truth".

Either you Learn what the Society tells you YOUR FAITH IS GOING TO BE OR ELSE... The old INDEPENDENT THINKING RULE comes in. Jesus instilled faith into people by his constant reference to ( IT IS WRITTEN) Read your November 2007 KM QB. The Society does not condone BIBLE READING, After all. They say that it is a sealed book and ONLY THEY can explain it.

I never hear how the date 1914 was gained by Russell measuring the Pyramid hallways.

But that don't matter, Sign up for GOOGLE ALERTS on Jehovah's Witnesses. Forget the BAD PRESS we hear. But look at all the One's that for 50+ years or more that are dying like FLY'S. So much for Rutherford's MILLIONS NOW LIVING WILL NEVER DIE. Well guess what. Their DEAD. That was in the 1920's Almost 95 years ago. As is the 1914 date. And Changing the GENERATION Meaning. Updating the Revelations Book.

With the Society it is a game of Cover your Butt to make the Date Fit. I know one thing for SURE. Jesus Christ IS My LORD and MY SAVIOR. And when the Music stops I'm not going to be left standing without a Chair.

How ofter do you hear at the Hall about What Christ Jesus said? Not that often. Like the Awake Mag. Sure it's nice, But Jesus did not say Preach about HUMMING BIRDS or African FRUIT. It was the Good News of the Kingdom.

The only thing missing is the cover charge for the floor show they have been raising and lowering curtains on and off for 40 years that I can attest to.

When did RELIGION stop being a SNARE and a RACKET?

May you have Peace in Christ

Edward Albright said...

Mit Mit said:
"It is nice to actually find someone who defends The Organization instead of being BUSY talking about Our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus."

I'm not defending the organization or any organization. Where did I say that I was? What organization am I part of?

As for talking about our Lord and Savior Jesus, why don't you and others do that rather than being concerned with what some person said and someone taped on youtube?

"ou might LIKE to read the Bible but sadly ONLY the WATCHTOWER can explain it for you."

FYI, I don't read the Watchtower. So it seems you are judging and ASSuming.

"Show me PROOF that the Organization is is in fact, GOD'S Organization. I for YEARS have listened to how they claim to be."

Proof? Show proof that Jesus walked the earth, that there was a flood, that Moses was real. None can be done. But there is faith. The righteous walk by means of faith. If you were given any proof, you would not accept it.

You are so full of yourself and your antiJW tripe that you don't know the first thing about Jesus.

Anonymous said...

As an active JW, I am dissappointed with the lack of substance of JW responses. It seems the apostates have better answers and also are more truthful. If you are a JW, you believe that what the organization teached is TRUTH. However, the apostates have enlightened us to the real truth of this organization. I don't believe Albright when he says he doesn't read the Watchtower. If he doesn't, he's not REALLY a JW. I don't even beleive the name is real - typical of JW's to make up names. (Someone should tell them that that is lieing.)

The non-sense produced by JW's on these blogs is highly disappointing. Don't they realize other JW's are reading their replies???

As a side, that is what I was taught when I was studying with JW's in 1978 - that is, that the flock put too much emphasis on 1975. Well, never researching this, I bought it. But, now after doing my research, I see that 1975 was certainly pushed on the flock! And, since they are taught this is God's only true organization, of course they are going to believe it!!! And, when they praise publishers for selling their homes in order to fully participate in the ministry during the last hours of this system in their Kingdom Ministry, aren't they condoning this behavoir??? Goodness!

Boy, the level of mind altering thinking you have to develop to maintain yourself as a JW is mind-boggling! The real truth hurts, I know. I'm just waiting for the GB/FDS to admit that they are just another religion and were never hand-picked by God Jehovah.

I'm hoping that their hearts will motivate them to dissolve the organization and pay back to all it's members (past and present) their valuable monetary contributions from their assets.

It's the right thing to do, especially since many of us are without a job and lacking retirement/insurance/etc. because we took jobs that didn't invest in things like this, while being taught at every meeting that the end is JUST RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER! What kind of cruel hoax is this?

Edward Albright said...

I don't believe than any JW responses have been posted here.

That would be because they don't value what is stated on such sites.

I did not state that I am a JW, did I?

About 1975, it is the people that focused on it, not the religion. The problem is that people, particularly the ones against JWs are focused on the Governing body/Watchtower too much to where they don't understand the religion.

As an observer of the religion, I see that when people have the proper balance, it works fine.

As for "being taught at every meeting that the end is JUST RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER!" Isn't that what the Bible taught 2000 years ago? Why blame a religion for repeating what the Bible teaches. Many other religions or factions of Christianity just teach that people go to heaven when they die, there is no proof there. So There is no need for anything to be 'around the corner.'

Anonymous said...

Nice try Edward Albright... the fact is, you are not bright at all.

You sound exactly like Ronde from another blog. And, that means this blog has been infected by the same troll.

Your defensive responses are targeted towards non-JWs who know nothing about this religion.

Those who are JW's or were, know exactly what this religion teaches, or has once taught. I had to qualify that statement because what is so-called "truth" today is a lie tomorrow - they have changed so many things and some things changed back and forth (add the generation teaching to this).

Also, when you say the Bible says the end is 'right around the corner', you should be stating it this way, "Jehovah's Witnesses interpret the Bible to say that the end is right around the corner." Because that is exactly what it is, an interpretation. (I use to disagree vehemently with that statement too, at one time. But, no longer.) JW's interpret the Bible just like every other religion - the sooner you realize that, the better.

btw: If you are not a JW, then why are you defending them??? (I wonder if you know what a lie is? Or, what posing as someone else means?)

Anonymous said...

E.A. responded: "About 1975, it is the people that focused on it, not the religion."

Have you ever listened to this? It solidifies the fact that JW's were instructed that 1975 WAS focused on as the year for Armaggedon, listen to it (and take NOTE of the quotes from JW's instructional publications):


This is the type of hype that was fed to JW's.

Look. It's simple... if the leaders of JW's didn't want their flock to focus on this, why did they emphasize it as the logical start of the end??? (Remember, JW's are taught that JW's leaders have special knowledge and are hand-picked by God.)

Look Ronde... give it up. The real truth about JW's and all the quotes from their own publications found on the Internet is exposing the real truth for one and all to see.

But, then again, Jesus says about some religious people, eyes they have, but they can't see. This seems to apply to some JW's who discover these truths, but turn a blind eye to them.

This response is not for you Ronde, it's for the non-JW's to do their homework BEFORE becoming a JW. And, I have to tell you, most people who have the Internet, research it BEFORE getting involved in anything (including purchases) and that's not a bad idea, is it?

Knowledge is Power!

Anonymous said...

For current JW's, those studying with them and anyone just curious about JW's who want to get an inside look first:


These are professional quality videos created by a current member of Jehovah's Witness.

Ringwielder said...

Edward Albright, Ronde, Voice of Reason. It is plain all 'three of you' bring nothing of substance to any of these discussions. You should begin your own religion, because you all think and sound so much alike, it is uncanny.

You stated that you dont believe that any JW has responded to this post.

You are correct, because your maverick, non-conformist views are completely contrary to the tenets of the Jehovah's Witnesses and you know that if you expressed them in a Kingdom Hall, you would pretty soon find yourself being paid close attention to, with the object of determining whether you had apostasized or not.

If you do attend meetings at a Kingdom Hall and associate with JWs, then you are JUST LIKE the ex JWs who post here. Why? Because you, like them, have your own views about the Society, the Governing Body, the Organization, which are tantamount to apostasy and blasphemy in the eyes of the rank and file publishers.

You are right, you are not a JW.

But you are helping many who read these blogs to see the ludicrous arguments that JWs use and for that, we thank you!

Anonymous said...

I just "Love" this Blog! Thank You for starting it.
For the Current JW's that Post to this Blog could you do me a small favor? Not for STALKING but would you Post your Name and Congregation.

Anyone that (is) a current "Witness for the Organization." and (not) a "Witness for Jesus Christ...Our Lord and Savior..."
Then these Organizational "Internet Snoop's, i.e. BORG ELDERS!!! will FIND YOU, any say You cannot worship Jehovah any longer,Then Remove or Disfellowship you, and them strip you from having any Holy Spirit, After all they OWN God's Spirit and again we all know if they, the Organization say's the Tree is red and you know for a FACT the Tree is GREEN... It's RED!!!!


Are you told not to question what is being taught because the leaders are honest and want the best for you so you must trust them. Has someone replaced your own choices in life.

Are you told not to ask questions why anyone left, your to accept the answers the leaders give you such as: they fell into sin, they didn’t receive correction, they weren’t open or they had a bad heart and didn’t want to be disciples

Are you told that you must be with their certain church or group to be saved and not by Jesus Christ.

If you want to leave are you being told their is no other church that practices truth, you will go to hell.

Are you made to feel your failures, that your performance is not up to par for the bibles standard

Are you being rebuked for things such as the way you say hello or how you respond to being asked to do something for a leader or disciple. Do they tell you its a matter of the heart how one complies.

Are they putting down other church’s and building themselves up. Do they sometimes use people as examples of what you are to be doing and others on what you are not to be doing.

Do they bring attention to what they do, and ignoring others that may be doing the same things outside their church.

Do they put down others to make themselves look better, calling themselves righteous and others unrighteous

Do they call those who leave fall away’s and enemies, dogs returning to their own vomit, using the examples of Korah or Judas.

Do they stop you from reading anything negative about themselves calling it spiritual pornography or recommend you not to read it for your own spiritual protection.

Do they recommend for you to be around their people expecting you to be at all the group activities. If not you're spirituality and dedication are questioned.

Do they defend all that they do even though it can be harmful or wrong.

Do they operate by humility or are they arrogant and demand you to obey if you are considering otherwise. Or is it done subtly by manipulating you into obeying by statements such as, real Christians obey their leaders or if you were following Jesus you would see what I’m saying is right. true disciples did not question Jesus.

Enjoy. May Christ be in your LIFE.

Anonymous said...

Mit Mit,

I don't have a problem posting my name and congregation as I am not afraid of the congregational overseers. They know that I post on here and don't have a problem.

There is no problem going to college or university either.

The problem is that exjws are stalkers. They will do harm and make personal attacks on Witnesses and their families. They are dangerous. They can't be trusted.
Exjws, aka apostates have a real image problem. When their poster child is Danny Hazzard, and they can not communicated intelligently on any subject without using buzzwords about the organization, I would say you are the ones in the cult.

Anonymous said...

Anon (alias Ronde, Voice of Reason, Edward Albright) said, "I don't have a problem posting my name and congregation as I am not afraid of the congregational overseers."

Once again Ronde can't live up to his own words - notice he doesn't include his name and congregation.

Look Ronde, prove yourself true to your words above and post your real name and congregation.

If you don't, then your quoted words above are simply a sham and prove to all readers the interent troll that you are.

The only good thing about you is that you prove to everyone how weak your arguments stand against the JW apostates. Your ad hominem attacks are really useless.

For instance, when you say "The problem is that exjws are stalkers. They will do harm and make personal attacks on Witnesses and their families. They are dangerous. They can't be trusted."

That is so out there, it isn't even funny. Your scare tactics won't work with intelligent and reasonable people. For instance,
when someone reads the information on www.silentlambs.org it becomes apparent that your assessment about all apostates is ridiculous.

Interestingly, what your comments like this show is that it is you who cannot be trusted.

Anonymous said...

"Quote" The problem is that exjws are stalkers. They will do harm and make personal attacks on Witnesses and their families. They are dangerous. They can't be trusted.

Like ALL CULT'S, They IMPLANT "FEAR" into the Minds of their Believers that the Boggy Man is behind every tree, rock and unless you stay in the Pig Pen you will overcome...

*** w61 7/1 p. 400 Watch Your Associations in the Time of the End ***

If you are a dedicated Christian in the New World society, it is imperative that you keep your senses in this time of the end and not imagine that you can have companionship with the wolves of this world without being influenced by their thinking. Unless you watch your associations you may cease to be a sheep by acting like a wolf. The apostle Paul was right when he said: “Bad associations spoil useful habits.” (1 Cor. 15:33) Such associations can mold you like clay into a dishonorable vessel and spoil your usefulness in God’s organization.

Remember, Read your Bible and see that CHRIST is the Savior, NOT MAN!!!

Anonymous said...

When apostates are honorable people, then I will post that info. Thus, not in a millennium.

Voice of Reason said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Voice of Reason said...

With Danny Hazzard as your poster child of the decade. That is funny.

How can people not be afraid of you? He pepper sprays old men.

Your organization is rotten through its core.

You have so much cleaning up to do yourselves. But then you don't care either.

Anonymous said...

Anon/Voice of Reason/Ronde/E. Albright (and whateve new alias you chose today/tomorrow), replied:

"When apostates are honorable people, then I will post that info. Thus, not in a millennium."

Is that according to Jehovah's Witnesses teaching of time? ... or normal people's understanding of time?

Anonymous said...

VOR/Ronde/E. Albright/etc., you make a lot of assumptions with your post... "With Danny Hazzard as your poster child of the decade. That is funny. How can people not be afraid of you? He pepper sprays old men. Your organization is rotten through its core."

First off, you don't get to select the poster child. I'm sure many agree with me that what Mr. Hazzard did was extreme in nature and shouldn't be condoned. I do not know him personally, nor do I care to. Lastly, I'm not sure what organization you refer to. All previous members of JW's don't automatically sign up for some anti-JW organization. Many go their own way and may simply contribute to posts and web-blogs (like these) to enlighten people as to the REAL truth of JW's.

One thing is for sure... I've been following your posts for some time and they do not represent the real truth about JW's and are filled with ad hominem attacks against anyone who speaks a message that exposes JW's teachings.

I'm not saying I'm especially brilliant to notice this because it jumps out to anyone who reads your posts. They lack substance and are filled with judgemental comments - you know the type, 'we are the true religion, despite all of our mistakes in teachings, and so that makes us better than everyone and as a result we can judge everyone else because we are the only ones Jehovah God is using.'

I hate to pop your bubble, but Jehovah God is NOT using this organization as his sole representative of TRUTH. I think deep down you know this, but haven't had the courage to face the facts. Facts such as found on: www.jwfacts.com ; www.silentlambs.org ; www.freeminds.org ; www.sixscreensofthewatchtower.com

These sites present facts that just cannot be ignored, unless you chose to hide your head in the sand.

Voice of Reason said...

I make alot of assumptions?

So do you?

As for your organization... There are only two. Jehovah's and Satan's.

Exjws go from being in Jehovah's organization to being in Satan's.
Those exjws do not know about JWs to post the truth.

You state that my posts do not represent the real truth about JW'.
Oh really? You are ASSuming that what I say here represents the real me. What I say to exjws is one thing, just like when a Marine confronts a terrorist. His reactions is one thing. But when he confronts one of his own, his reaction is another.

You are ASSuming that you know what the real truth is and what is represented. But since you are the terrorist, are you one who would be trusted with knowing the truth of a situation? It is like learning about government from Tim McVey.

"Jehovah God is NOT using this organization as his sole representative of TRUTH."

Then then whom is he using? Not those in Satan's organization.

You are just sour grapes.

Anonymous said...

Ronde, if you want to read an interesting story, read this:


You don't have to agree with it, but I think you will possess a different view of at least some exJW's after reading it. Please read it and you'll see what I mean. It's a little lengthy, but it testifies to the character of person, I think you'll agree.

Anonymous said...

"You are ASSuming that what I say here represents the real me. What I say to exjws is one thing, just like when a Marine confronts a terrorist. His reactions is one thing. But when he confronts one of his own, his reaction is another."

Where's the love?

Anonymous said...

I want to thank JW apologists for their entries on these web-blogs... they have convinced me that JW's are NOT the one and only true religion.

Had it not been for these web-blogs, I would not be able to see the real truth of this religion.


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