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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Vindicating The Name Of Jehovah!

Jehovah's Witnesses claim that they are the only group to be vindicating the Mighty Name of Jehovah in all the earth. How are they accomplishing this?

To begin we need to dissect the Tetragrammaton and make sure all is well in Watchtowerland. There are no vowels in the Tetragrammaton, so we have no idea how to pronounce it. It could be Yaweh, Yahwah, YoYo, or even Yippee for all we know. Here is some interesting info:

Dr. J. B. Rotherham states in the preface of his Bible concerning Jehovah: "Erroneously written and pronounced Jehovah, which is merely a combination of the sacred Tetragrammaton and the vowels in the Hebrew word for Lord, substituted by the Jews for JHVH, because they shrank from pronouncing The Name, owing to an old misconception of the two passages, Ex. 20:7 and Lev. 24:16...To give the name JHVH the vowels of the word for Lord [Heb. Adonai], is about as hybrid a combination as it would be to spell the name Germany with the vowels in the name Portugal - viz., Gormuna. The monstrous combination Jehovah is not older than about 1520 A.D." (Truthseek.net)

Jehovah's Witnesses say it is important to use Jehovah and to vindicate His Holy Name. But are they accurate in using Jehovah? No, they even admit it on pages 16 and 18 of the book "Let Your Name Be sanctified" they admit that Yahweh is the superior translation of YHWH.

In the preface of their own "Kingdom Interlinear Translation of the Greek Scriptures" page 23 shares this admission with the reader:"While inclining to view the pronunciation 'Yahweh' as the more correct way, we have retained the form 'Jehovah' because of people's familiarity with it since the 14th century. Moreover, it preserves equally with other forms, the four letters of the Tetragrammaton JHVH."

In other words, they know they have God's Name all wrong, but they are not going to change because people are more familiar with the WRONG NAME? They are VINDICATING an incorrect name because people are familiar with it?

What sort of Vindicating is this?


Truthseek.net: http://www.truthseek.net/Yahweh.html


Irene said...

Since no one speaks the original Hebrew language anymore, how can anyone know the correct way to pronounce our creators name, since only constanants were used. I dont know about anyone else, but if someone was using my name incorrectly, It would be a great irritation to me. What is wrong to address our creator as our heavenly Father?

Anonymous said...

And even "if" all this were so. answer me this...do jah witnesses do it for the greed of money, power fame? do they do it for recognition? Do they do it for because they seek to hurt anybody? Or maybe jus maybe is their "error" because of there very IMPERFECT human way? I am by no means a jah witness but from what I understand they have only been out to help others through kindness and love. whether there way be "flawed" or not. they have only done good on This earth as far as there sin allows. why. Bash on the little thing as YHWH or whatever. they are still very good people who have come to help others and from what you wrote and what I read is just another imperfect man discouraging another imperfect man (religion) it seems like you are spreading more doubt then good. more hate then kindness so why should I believe you over them. 

Crystal Bridgetty said...

Anonymous I so agree with you JW are the kindness people,I've ever met in my life...