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Monday, December 15, 2008

JW's & The Blood Issue, GREED or Faith?

It's sad how jw's cherry pick a few scriptures to support their lies. When read IN CONTEXT, the scriptures in Acts are talking about the drinking of animal blood and the eating of it in strangled animals in conjunction with pagan idolatry. Nothing more.

The Old Testament or Hebrew scriptures make it plain that eating blood is not acceptable. However in the case of an emergency, when King Saul's men were famished and exhausted they did not properly bleed the animals they slaughtered. They did indeed eat blood with the meat. Did Jehovah rain down sulfur and fire from heaven or Antimatter radiation like one of their governing body says He may have used?

No, these sinners were forgiven. And that was back when the Old Testament and so-called ANGRY God was running the show.

Now, today we have Christ in charge and He told of forgiveness and wanting mercy instead of sacrifice. How did He manage that? By giving us all a figurative blood transfusion. We live by drinking HIS Blood.

Regarding the use of fragmented blood. They are being hypocritical. Blood is blood. They say we are stealing God's property when we misuse blood. OK let's say this is true for the sake of this discussion. Stealing is a sin. So if blood is a car and the components of the car are blood fragments how do you answer this?

If stealing a car is wrong, is stealing that car's wheels, carburetor, and windows ok? By their governing body's reasoning it is.

They capitulated to the idea of being sued by surviving family members every time one of their people dies following their doctrines by saying fragments are ok. When does Almighty God capitulate to anyone or anything? Should not His so-called organization on earth reflect His personality? Jesus did so and we all know that Christians are supposed to reflect Christ.

No, there is nothing else at work here but greed. Jesus would never allow one of His commands to be ignored. He does not fear losing the revenue from a multi-billion dollar publishing and real estate empire. But the Witnesses do. Their leadership fears nothing more than losing their precious Almighty Dollars. They are willing to say it's ok to accept blood fragments even when they believe it is wrong. If they truly believe the blood issue to be scriptural they would not give in even one inch. They would stand firm and allow Jehovah's Spirit to work in their favor. But they don't. They hide behind their legal department and avoid lawsuits in order to save their precious money.

I pray fervently everyday that the members of this cult have their eyes opened. Jesus can open their eyes to this hypocrisy and He will if they only ask. I encourage all Christians to pray for these lost and blind souls to find Jesus and the freedom that comes with serving Him. His yoke is light and easy to bear, unlike the legalistic and heavy load the watchtower places on the shoulders of their adherents.

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Anonymous said...

An interesting take on it. This is something that I have not thought of. When you put this together with the millions in hush money being paid out to victims of sexual abuse, it makes sense.

- CN