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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Did Jehovah Lie To JWs For 81 Years?

I have been following the online posts of a young elder from Southern California for a about a month now. He hits the JW doctrines with hard-hitting but humorous punches. Here is one I just read. It deals with the "Generation" of Matthew 24:34.
Credit to Olin Moyles.

Jehovah's Witnesses have changed their beliefs over the past 100 years several times because the governing body (AKA faithful and discreet slave) has provided new light on certain watchtower doctrines. For instance the Generation of Matthew 24:34.

They recently stopped believing this generation was one thing and went back to an old, obsolete teaching last taught in 1927. Since the governing body claims to be appointed by Jesus Christ Himself (WT 4/15/2001 page 29) and is in fact the only "channel" that God is using to guide mankind (Our Kingdom Ministry 9/2002 page 8), then why did Jehovah lie to Jehovah's Witnesses for 81 years and then go back to a previous teaching on "This Generation"?

Oh wait, it is impossible for God to lie! (Hebrews 6:18)So who was either tuned to the wrong "CHANNEL" and gave wrong information, or out and out lied to us for the past 81 years?Since the father of the lie is Satan, then perhaps it is not the Truthful Christ Jesus who appoints the governing body after all.


...the Governing Body is not appointed by any man but is appointed by Jesus Christ. WT 4/15/2001 page 29

Bear in mind that our heavenly Father has an appointed channel of communication, “the faithful and discreet slave.”Our Kingdom Ministry 9/2002 page 8

Olin Moyle is a Christian. One of Jehovah's Witnesses. An elder no less.


Anonymous said...

I have to believe that this "generation" change is huge. If you're a JW fader, this is no doubt partly the reason. If you are currently a faithful JW, this has to make you stop and think, or perhaps you simply ignore this by putting your head in the sand.

However, the problem lies with "the logic" of this post - it's impossible to deny or hard to debate. The reasoning is simple... if JW's GB/FDS was selected by Christ and it's the only channel of Truth, then why are there so many errors! (btw: Any JW alive will tell you how much they believed in the literal interpretation of 'the generation" that would not pass away before the end came', if of course they became a Witness during this belief. Noteworthy are the many JW's who were once taught this who are now dead!)

What is interesting is that the WTS would jump all over this if it was writing about another religion. However, when its own religion follows no logic, it simply turns its eye or denies it.

What a shame for all those shackled in untruths for so long!

Ringwielder said...

Good post anonymous!

So far down into the time of the end, you would have thought that the truth was virtually complete, maybe a minor tweak here and there.

But what do we find? Wholesale, major changes, especially the 'generation' prophecy. And it has been changed twice in the past 13 years!

They have been forced into changing beliefs as Armageddon has not materialized and have dishonestly promoted these changes as 'new light'.

I would have some respect for them if they just came clean and said they were wrong, like they exhort their followers to do. But it's a case of 'do as we say, not as we do'.

Hypocrites and white washed graves is what THEY are, no doubt about that.