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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Jehovah's Witnesses What Do They Teach About Sodomites?

Remember the people who died at Sodom and Gomorrah? God killed them after judging them to be too wicked to continue living. Right? So do they come back in the resurrection, at least for judgment?

Wait, He judged them already.

Let's see how the governing body/faithful and discreet slave has worked thru the NEW LIGHT of this issue.

1879 YES the Sodomites will come back in the resurrection.(1879 Watchtower on pages 7 and 8).

1941 NO the Sodomites will NOT come back in the resurrection.(1941 Watchtower on page 367).

1955 Emphasis on NO, they will NOT be back in the resurrection.(1955 Watchtower on page 676).

1965 YES, they WILL be back in the resurrection.(March 1, 1965 Watchtower page 138 paragraph 4 ).

1967 NO, they will NOT be back in the resurrection.(March 1, 1967 watchtower page 136).

1974 YES, they WILL be back in the resurrection.(August 15, 1974 Watchtower page 485).

1988 NO, they will NOT be back in the resurrection.(June 1, 1988 Watchtower page 30).

1988 YES, they WILL be back in the resurrection.(Insight Volume 2 page 985).

1989 NO, they will NOT be back in the resurrection.(Live Forever Book page 179).

As you can see from their own literature, they have flip-flopped EIGHT times and now since 1989, the answer is NO, the Sodomites will NOT return in the resurrection. And that IS FINAL! Or is it??

For being the "Sole channel of communication" and Jehovah's Mouthpiece here on Earth, I have to wonder if Jehovah keeps sending the "Slave Class" conflicting messages, or if these "Nine Blind Guides" of the governing body are just lying about that SOLE channel thing. What do you think? Is God feebleminded, indecisive, and flippant, or is the governing body?

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Irene said...

I am an ex Jehovah's Witness. I have been since researching material, which we were not allowed to do, and any wonder, I am so discusted how the so called Governing Body lies to the members. I realy recommend reading Raymond Franz books, Crisis of Conscience, and Christian Freedom. After reading these books, I was appauled at what went on at Bethal.