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Friday, December 26, 2008

Ex Jw's Must Stay Alert To Attacks From The Watchtower

I got the following from my friend and Brother in the faith, Joe at Christian Witnesses. It has some insightful information I thought you might find useful.Blessings and Agape to you all in Christ Jesus our Lord.



Is it coincidence the following things happened just in the past couple weeks? A forum poster or troll poser made comments that sought to set long-time friends Ray Franz and Peter Gregerson against one another. An abused ExJW woman who is Roman Catholic was called a Witch. Bill Bowen who is an independent Christian was called an atheist. Maybe those are just coincidental. Maybe some are, some aren’t. Watchtowerites would sure like to set the ExJWs & Friends community aflame if it but could. Anyway, in the meanwhile Watchtower legal is hoping to find some ExJWs with some of Watchtower’s copyrighted photos and text materials on their websites and who will not remove those. Same old same old as last year. Stay alert into and during all 2009 too.


A friend in a nearby Kansas town wrote me an extremely nice letter thanking me for helping set him free and keep him free from Watchtower. I phoned and we spoke maybe an hour in the course of which he said that about twenty-one years ago within about a one and a half year span he was in a congregation in or near Emporia, Kansas, that had three JWs to suicide.

He said that one was named Mike S--w. (name removed for privacy). He was not anyone who had, say, been disfellowshiped, but for whatever reasons, his body was found in a car and it was determined that he had deliberately inhaled auto exhaust to die. All the Elders did was give a very quick graveside prayer.

A second suicide was by an older man, Gene A---n., a long-time bachelor who was said to not have kept his house very clean. Who knows? Maybe he was “trimmed, which means to be tongue-lashed by an Elder speaking from up at the front stage, his name left out but guessable, for not being tidy. Doubtlessly he was lonely, too, and seeing that the promised paradise earth had not come -- perhaps those help explain why he suicided.

A third JW was Gene J-----n who was married to a JW Sister. They divorced. He took to partying a while then suicided.We’ll never know all the details, though my friend says most of the Elders who were involved were long-time Elders, and they very likely could tell a whole lot more about these and possibly other JW deaths by suicide etc.

As those who are ExJWs well-know, many active JWs suffer mental problems such as depression which are exacerbated by Watchtower’s policies that cause so much sorrow. As Watchtower implodes and declines, it is necessary for the Ex JWs & Friends community as well as other allied Christians to do more so that a mountain of JWs do not suicide in the years ahead.

Contact me if interested in developing house/home churches that can minister.


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