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Thursday, November 27, 2008

A Prayer Request For All Of Jehovah's Witnesses

These people have been truly blinded by satan and his watchtower organization. I am asking everyone to please pray for these lost lambs of Christ and beg the Lord to open their eyes and hearts so they can accept and serve Him.
Lord God, our Heavenly Father. We approach you in the name of your Son, Christ Jesus to beg that your Kingdom comes and is made to be fully powerful here on earth like it is in the heavens above us. We pray that you open the eyes of those in this world who are blind to Jesus. Especially Jehovah's Witnesses. These poor souls have been led astray by Satan and his watchtower organization. We pray you bring them to You and open their eyes. Show them the Light of precious Jesus and show them the Way to life everlasting. We beg forgiveness of our sins and errors and leave all things in your mighty hands, in Jesus' all powerful name. Amen.