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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Jehovah's Witness Pioneers In Foot Fetish Video

I heard a rumor and checked it out. Apparently a foot fetish video producer got two pioneer sisters to pose their feet in a foot fetish video for the online amusement of foot fetishists. I was able to locate the video and thought about posting the link to the site, but you know it has some graphic stuff on it, so I decided not to. However here is some data on it (cut and Pasted exactly as it appears on the site.) :

Jehova Witness Sole Show
Meet this two half italian half south american cousin duo with size 8's. When they knocked on my door the first thing I asked them was if they wanted to model their feet because I had a foot fetish. Believe it or not they said of course but of course they found it weird! Check out their awsome soft white soles.

$2.99 USD
Length: 2 minutes

Size: 95 MB
Format: WMV
Category: SOLES
Added: 08/29/08 08:11:20 PM

I know it is impossible to confirm their membership as Jehovah's Witnesses, but it seems pretty convincing with the name Jehova Witness Sole Show as the title.

Honest, you can't make this stuff up!

Is it ok now for sisters to do this sort of thing?


Shawn said...

This is nutty. Do you have the clip? Are they carrying the right literature?

Mister Lorenzo said...

That's the tough part of it, they have no literature in view. So it is hard to determine who they are or what church or group they are with. The only indication is the title.

Daniel Boulanger said...


I understand that this is a very old topic nevertheless it is still is interesting.

First thing first, I must say that the so called "video producer" is a very lucky fellow !!! Let's be honest, having two complete stranger girls, potentially good looking, accepting to pose their feet for a video clip, is like winning at the lottery.

I have to admit that if someone is easily convinced about the content of a video only by reading its title, we would have to seriously question the reader's judgement. Let's face the facts, there are titles containing mentions about daughters, mothers, stepsisters, stepmothers, teachers, nurses, etc... so I sincerely hope the person who will read the titles will not have the reflex to immediately draw conclusions about the clips content. If what is shown in clips containing the word "teacher" in the title was true, we most probably would have a different opinion of schools !!!

In this so called "online amusement of foot fetishists world", the real life identities and whereabouts of the participants are of nobody's business, regardless of the product, would it be pictures, videos, audio tracks or whatever. Think about it for a moment and you will soon realize that the whole thing was just a setup with a planned scenario and potentially a catchy title to attract different type of viewers.

If that video with the two sisters is real, then good for them !!! They more likely had a good time, weren't abused and were pleased, so were the video producer and the viewers who bought that video. Potentially the person who started the "rumor" had a good time too, because without paying to download the clip, he didn't have much to present for argument purpose beside the summary description, unless he too jumped to the conclusions just by reading the title and description, which isn't of much value !

Whenever a woman have nice feet and she's willing to show them with some pride, I really don't have any problem with that. When I'm being be offered to caress and kiss them, I'm honored to do it in a respectful and symbolic way to show my appreciation. It is sad to realize that most people generally link this act to sex. It doesn't have to be sexual to be meaningful.

There are no rules, nor any laws, would they be of political, religious or of any other nature, that should prevent people to express their mutual appreciation in a respectful way. Unfortunately there will always be people pretending otherwise.

For the fellow who asked if the girls on the clip had the right literature, I don't recall seeing a clip of a teacher with all her books. Does this mean someone lied to me ?