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Monday, November 17, 2008

Physical Abuse By Jehovah's Witnesses At Theocratic Meetings

I got my tail kicked in a lot as a kid. But I was a bad kid most of the time so I can't point fingers at my folks. They did the best they could with what they knew and so I will say that I was not abused. When I was growing up in the 1970s in the cancer known as the watchtower, I saw LOTS of kids get abused. Not just swatted or whupped. I mean angry and hateful abuse. Little kids being dragged to the back of the hall screaming for mercy and having their faces smashed and breathing stifled under the quieting hand of their mother.

I saw police come to the hall once, because a kid was being a kid and his dad, to avoid disrupting the meeting dragged him outside. We had these amber colored, semi opaque windows on the side of the hall where we saw the dance of discipline being carried out between a son and his father's belt. The wt conductor actually lost his train of thought and paused for a while in shock at the severity of the beating. The cops were called by a neighbor. Sonofabitch got arrested too, because the cops saw him wailing the crap out of the poor kid. How old was this kid who got whipped so badly? About 2 years old.....

At the same hall one sister was known for her brutality. she didn't have a family, she had a LITTER of kids. This oldbitch sat in the middle of her kids up near the front of the hall always. If they got out of lline she would slap them across the face or their laps with a skinny-belt. Whap-Pow! Once I cracked up after she hit one of them and she turned around and glared at me, then she shook that damned belt at me.....My shi* ran cold.

Yet another time at the bookstudy, this sister had a bunch of kids and they lived in a tiny apartment. They also had a large dog she had chained to the bathroom doorknob. I think it was a German shepard. Well, about halfway thru the study of "Then is finished the Mystery Of God" her littlest girl got up and started dancing and slapping the books out of our hands. I started to laugh out loud and eventually the brother asked the sister to please do somethign about her daughter. Well, she got up and took her to the bathroom and wailed the livingshit outta her. We could here the thuds from how she was hitting her on the back with a closed fist. Then she took the dog''s chain and strapped the girl down to her chair with it. Then the dog went around the room licking everybody's face and crotch.

These are just a couple that I saw back in the 1970s from my own, kids-eye-view. What I got by being kicked in the tail and whipped with a belt and an electrical cord was nothing compared to these things that happened during theocratic meetings.

See, the society stressed the importance of the meetings. Nothing could be allowed to interrupt a meeting. Once a brother told my dad that if a hand grenade was tossed through a window, that a brother should jump on it and save everyone. Then the meeting should go on uninterrupted. That is psychotic to me. But the mentality continues to this day. Just last summer an elderly lady collapsed at the district assembly. The talker continued with his droning as paramedits treated
her for a heart attack. No announcement was made about her condition, not even a prayer for her was made...

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