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Thursday, November 20, 2008

No More Pearls Before Swine

I have been engaging JWs in online debates at Yahoo Answers for a few months now. Originally I was seeking their help. Help to dispel my deepest and most dreadful doubts about this organization called Watchtower. Help to make my life feel like it was not completely wasted in service to a bunch of greedy sons of bitches sitting on God's throne in Brooklyn, NY. I was rebuffed as an apostate and shunned when not insulted and made to feel one inch tall by my supposed brothers in the faith.

I have been pretty angry over the way things have gone for me in respect to the watchtower. My folks and indeed my entire family have been shit upon from the beginning. My folks bless their hearts felt like they had no where else to go, so we remained locked into the counter productive routine of bringing people into the organization without really believing it was the truth.

I have decided to leave the tower of confusion and hate and go after Jesus Christ. I have been asking JWs questions online to make them think. What I get back is hate, anger, and sarcasm. There is no hope for people who are brainwashed. They cannot be made to think for themselves. I understand, because I was once like that. What I will do now as far as Yahoo Answers goes is respond to questions by people seeking the truth. I may get put down or voted off, but I will do my part to shed light on this dark tower and its evil ways. I will no longer throw pearls to the online watchtower swine. I will pray for them and help those who want help. It is all I can do. And in all actuality, isn't prayer in Jesus name the very best anyone can offer?

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