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Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Closed Minds Of JWs

Most JWs believe things but have no rational way of expressing themselves. Many of them are on anti-depressant medications, or are very stressed out because of the pressures to conform to the hive-mind of their organization.

Others may actually be having doubts about their religious beliefs and instead of giving a calm response and reasoning from the scriptures as the Apostle told us to do, they become agitated and may resort to name-calling and telling people off. It is sad, but one of their publications foretold this about them.

"A closed mind may betray a lack of interest in the subject or a reluctance to look into the matter. In fact, it could even be a sign of uncertainty or doubt. For example, if we are unable to defend our religious views, we may find ourselves lashing out against those who challenge our beliefs, not with logical arguments, but with slurs and innuendos. This smacks of prejudice and of a closed mind." (AWAKE 11/22/1984 page 4)


Shawn said...

Sweet! I'm bookmarking this quote on the WT CD. Thanks for the research.

John n Kimberly said...

"Smacks"... now there's a word you just cant use too often! lol

There is so much truth in that quote and the irony is overwhelming.

But, something that jumps out at me is that it's still written in that persuasive, hidden-agenda style. If you read the begining sentence it starts with defining the symptoms of a "closed mind." Then after stating the symptoms, it defines it as a "closed mind." Do you see the circular reasoning in that?

You can see the ideas being DRILLED into the readers head, so that when someone objects their teachings, they can say "That is a CLOSED mind," just as they've been taught to think. Same ol' manipulation techniques, even present in a very simple and valid statement! Can you say "hidden agenda?" How about "Loaded language?"