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Monday, November 10, 2008

JWs Stumbling People With Their Online Misbehavior

I was offered additional privleges at my hall and when I declined, apparently something in my way of declining prompted a visit from the presiding and service overseers. We went over the typical chit chat and the p.o. actually told me that Jesus is a S.O.B.

Meaning that his gardener Jesus (HaySoos)was lazy and overcharges him. It was on the hinge of blasphemy I thought, but oh well. Anyway, we got to talking and I explained to them the crap that the WTS has been doing and how I can no longer in good faith follow along. I also mentioned that a tiny part of the reason was how when I approched other JWs online with the issues I had I was met with hateful and very ugly comments. Highly unchristian responses were the norm rather than the exception.

Well the elders were not very convinced by my claims, so I took them online and showed them the questions I posted and the crap the so-called JWs were spewing from their asses. They were both shocked but the service overseer said nothing. The p.o. was very vocal and said these comments were a stumbling block to not only me but to anyone who might read them. Before I closed my browser he aske me to email him the links to the evil comments.

He mentioned wanting to run some counsel about internet posts in an upcoming Local Needs Talk. But from what I gather, those are pretty much scripted at Broolyn and have more to do with kicking the publishers until they go to the doors more and more. I thought his comments were interesting, though and wanted to share them here. What do you think? Do JWs do more harm than good to the organiation by going online and venting their hate for questions?


spiritualbrother said...

I guess to some extent they do. On the Governing Body letters website there is someone called Voice of reason who defends the JW religion. However his comments seem to be driving people crazy. Also there are some WT loyalists like Third Witness who's comments also seem to do not much good for the image of the organization.

Shawn said...

I also find that these JW apologists make up Watchtower Society doctrine as they go along in an attempt to diffuse what is actually going on. When people respond with quotes from the Watchtower, then the ugliness really comes out.

spiritualbrother said...

Yes Shawn. They might say that the society never made predictions that did not come true or that their religion does not forbid them from voting.But they themselves avoid voting by their own choice. They might point to past doings by other religions but in the case of their organization it is explained as new light.

John n Kimberly said...

Well, since we met on Y!A R&S, I know exactly what you are talking about.

Here's my take. The JWs are already warned about not engaging in debates that would expose them to the secrets of the wtBS. So the only ones who would be on Y!A, in direct opposition to the "warnings" they have been given would be the most arrogant and "willful" types. And when they feel that they are being attacked, they come off as condescending and cocky.

We have to remember that these JWs are not the "average" JWs. My JW mom had a look of shock and horror just to find out that JWs are engaged in online debating (and so was I when I stumbled on Y!A). Remembering this helps me not to get too angry with the entire group of JWs.

But even the best JWs still pick the org over their family and tend to have "persecution complexes." But, hey, we were once like them, so we just kinda have to put up with them, lol!

(So, yes, they do more harm than good to thier religion with their online presence... with the exception of the very few who are knowingly deceiving others, using WT tactics!)