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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Are The jw's Jehovah's Special People?

The apostrophe added to the name "Jehovah" does tend to infer ownership over the jw's. But not because they are HIS special people. They are HIS because HE owns EVERYTHING.

jw's believe that they are the one true religion and God's sole channel of communication with mankind. They speak of their organization as being "the truth". So, they believe that the only way one might survive armageddon is by joining their organization and following the man-made rules set forth by their elitist governing body.

The following is a list of criteria the Watchtower gives to determine the “one true religion.” This particular list is found on pages 26-27 of the 1996 Watchtower publication, What Does God Require of Us?:

* Avoid War and Politics
* Avoid Pagan Holidays
* Reject the Trinity Doctrine
* Reject the Immortality of the Soul and Hell
* Must Preach the Kingdom
* Must Proclaim the Name “Jehovah” for God

They claim that to be the "ONE TRUE" religion, an organization must adhere to this criteria and that theirs is the only one that does so. However, close examination shows that this criteria is not exclusive to the jw's, for the following religions also embrace these doctrines:

*Assemblies of Yahweh
*Assemblies of the Called out Ones of Ya
*House of Yahweh
*Assembly of YHWH Yeshua

Since the Watchtower Society (jw's leadership) claims that there is only one true Christian religion, how can its criteria to determine “the Truth” prove that it is the only true religion, when other religions also fulfill its criteria? It is evident by this fact that the Watchtower's religion is not unique in its beliefs and practices on what it calls “the Truth,” the criteria it gives cannot be used to determine that it is the “only true religion.”

So, if not jw's, Who is the Truth? Well, the Bible does not point us to any particular church or organization to find Truth. On the contrary, it points to a Person, rather than a religion as being “the Truth.” At John 14:6, Jesus proclaimed, “I am …the truth,” and in His prayer to the Father, He said, “Sanctify them by means of the truth; your word is truth.” (John 17:17) Who is the living “Word” who is “Truth”? John 1:14 tells us, “…the Word became flesh and resided among us, and we had a view of his glory, a glory such as belongs to an only-begotten son from a father.” (John 1:14) Not only do we see Jesus being identified in Scripture as “the Truth,” but He proclaims at John 5:39-40 that all of Scripture was written to “bear witness” about Him!

So, we can see that while the jw's set forth a criteria they claim to be exclusive to their organization and because they claim to be Jehovah's witnesses and that they are HIS special property that does not make their claims true nor does it prove they are the Truth.


Anonymous said...

Amen brother! Jesus is the Truth!!

Anonymous said...

Amen.. Jesus is the truth.. His word is the truth..
as a Jw,, i agree with you that Jesus is the truth.. the way,the truth and thr life..
every religion..
every man..
like what bible say in 1 chr 13:9 ..
that we are not perfect...
man is not perfect..
just Jesus and Jehovah God is Perfect..
i have learn about much religion in this world.. and i know about their false teaching.. including The WatchTower..

hope you can understand.
that God have tell us..
in 1 chr 13:9..

Yehi Yehovah Immach..

people forpeople said...

The word "Religion"is so called mankind. The Scriptures not use this word. So even the claim "True Religion"has no any value. We believe as Bible Students that we can promote the true worship to God, yes. Further we not believe that today people can claim : "heaven hope", Anointed Apointed with Heaven Hope"(like Governing Body) and Christian Religion. See facebook : Lollard Movement