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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Will I Make It Through Armageddon?

I think I can say that yes I will. Now that Jesus has brought me close to Him.

It is certainly a relief after being in the Jehovah's Witnesses all my life. Always worrying if I put in enough hours in field service to get myself through the door at Armageddon. Or wondering if missing the first song at the circuit assembly might be enough to have Jehovah throw me into everlasting cutting off. Or watching an R rated movie and enjoying it, then bumping into a brother from the hall in the bathroom and fretting over whether or not he saw me enter or leave the R rated movie....Would he tell on me? Should I go to the elders right away and beat him to the punch and CONFESS my sin of watching a movie? Or should I chance it that he didn't see me or have him tell them whatever he wants, get dragged into a judicial committee, not cry and whimper over seeing a movie and getting disfellowshipped for having the wrong "attitude". What if Armageddon comes while I'm disfellowshipped? Will my underaged kids perish with me because I was still disfellowshipped when I was killed at Armageddon?

Yea, having faith in Jesus, whose load is light is better than having faith in the Watchtower who burdens people with so much that they can't even think straight.

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