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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Are The JW's Modern Day Alexandrian Cultists?

I was doing some research on Bible manuscripts this evening and I found something very interesting. When the Bible was first being translated into English that scrolls and books were gathered together from all over the world and with only some spelling differences in some names of people and cities like Peter / Pedro, they were all the same. They were exact copies of one another.

The one exception was the Alexandrian Bible. It was written by some folks called the Alexandrians. The scholar mentioned that they were sort of like Jehovah's Witnesses because they called themselves Christians but they believed a lot of strange things. Apparently they didn't like some verses in the good copy of the Bible they had so they took them out and added in others to fit their beliefs and created a new version of the Bible.

This altered version it is claimed to be the basis for the Catholic Douay Bible, Westcott & Hort's Translation and the New World Translation which is used by the jw's.

I am going to be doing more research on this, because I feel it deserves my time. If I find anything out I will be sure to share it here with you.



Anonymous said...

good points and the details are more precise than elsewhere, thanks.

- Murk

Anonymous said...

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Kerrie Daly said...

i know this is an old post when I found out how many missing scriptures there are in the NWT I found in the footnotes of one in Acts that they had explanation in their appendix 3. In the Greek scripture translation they refer to the mastertext of Westcott and Hort, and Nestlevand Aland. SO after looking these "scholars" up they rely on, aside from spiritist Johannes Greber , Westcott and Hort of the 1800's were satanists/spiritists. They believed in Darwinism, had regular seances was in a Hermetic Order worshipping Hermes god of knowledge. They were associated with the evil Madame Blavatsky. They started the Ghostly Guild then decided to change God's word!!!!
These are the mediums they relied on to get their version of "truth" . Further, Nestle and Aland were GNOSTICS!!!
Great job watchtower, your work at getting people deceived has worked on many, but people are waking up to babylon and leaving. They stop us from really knowing the Son of God, they stop us from partaking in the bread and wine commanded from Christ for all believers. They teach a New WOrld(order) gospel. Romans tells the Gospel, that Christ Died for our sins by coming as a man, dying for us, being in the tomb 3 days and being resurrected, the ascension of Christ where He mentions this is not in NWT.They took the Gift, the Grace of God, the Grace of Christ and replaced such a gift with "undeserved kindness" so no JW can ever feel they do good enough so they will work more and convert more. I did not properly learn about CHrist, no church just research and prayer, in the nearly 50 years I believed them, the false prophets who cover child sexual abuse missaplying the two witness rule, joining the UN and OSCE and pretending it was for a library card in what they would have once thought of a satan's library being part of the image of the scarlet beast. The hypocricy is astounding! When we worship in spirit and truth, we become free.The real Gospel is so much better, preaching the Kingdom involves preaching what our King did for us, that is the Kingdom. Shalom and God bless:)