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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

What It Means To BE A JW...Clarified

An elder in SoCal named Olin made a funny and to the point response to a question at Yahoo Answers. Apparently some JW listed off the Christian things that make a JW. Olin tells it like it actually is.

With his permission


Angelmusic1914 made some statements and I will shine some light onto them.

Love Jehovah God = Obey The Watchtower Society

Love your neighbor = Unless they are not a JW

Love his Son - his representative = Obey the Watchtower Society His Representative

Obey his commandments = Obey the Watchtower Societies Commands

Don't steal = Don't Steal

Don't lie = Use Theocratic Warfare Strategy to mislead and deceive by lying if the person is not worthy of hearing the truth.

Give thanks for what you have = Thank the Watchtower Society by giving them money and free services.

Don't bog yourself down with the inconsequential = Inconsequential is anything not of the Watchtower

Avoid bad associations - drugs, etc = Bad Associations are anyone not a JW.

Don't condone killing - even in wars = Unless the Watchtower says it's ok.

Have respect for life - no abortions = No abortions unless an unwanted pregnancy threatens to dirty the image of the Watchtower

Don't mix the good with the bad - avoid pagan practices = Unless the Watchtower says to. ie wedding rings, Masonic and Egyptian pagan symbols

Find out why Jehovah has you here = Give every waking moment to the Watchtower Society. Mostly money and time preaching.

Find out the future he has planned for the beautiful earth = The wholesale slaughter of nearly 7 Billion ignorant people that are not JWs

Take care of the earth he has provided as your home = Unless the Watchtower farm needs to dig a mine and pollute drinking water

Stay faithful to your mate = Stay faithful to your mate, even if he beats you and molests your kids.

Raise your kids responsibly = No friends who are not JWs, No public School, force them to every meeting and to preach.

Take care of your elderly parents = Unless it interferes with selling magazines

Treat your neighbors fairly and justly = Unless they are not JWs

Pay your taxes and obey the laws = Unless the Watchtower says it violates your conscience

Have a good work ethic - listen to your teachers and bosses = Unless the Watchtower says they are persecuting you.

Be kind to animals = Unless they are chasing you and biting you for knocking on a door that says no soliciting

Support God's kingdom = give everything to the Watchtower society

And that is a CULT in action. Seems pretty logical and evil to me.

Olin Moyle is a Christian. One of Jehovah's Witnesses. An elder no less.


spiritualbrother said...

Thanks for the list. Was very funny.Sometimes plain speak reveals it all.

Anonymous said...

It's funny because it's true.

- CN