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Friday, January 2, 2009

Is The JW New Order All It's Cracked Up To Be?

If we ask what the health situation will be in the JW new world order, many jw's will no doubt chime in and say that there will be no sickness or mistakes made in paradise. This may sound reasonable, but is it really? Honestly, NO MISTAKES? What about injuries? What about accidents? Many of the jw's I have known in my more than forty years in the watchtower believe that we will be immortal, will have super powers of the mind, and have superhuman strength and healing abilities.

I believe that if there is such a new order on its way we will still have need of doctors and firemen and even policemen. Perfection is a relative term. We will have perfection as far as mortal humans go. To nearly-quote the society, we are always subject to death being mortals. If a person chooses to breathe water instead of air, that person WILL drown.

People will have to live within the parameters of human existence. If I’m playing ball and trip and roll down a hill and break my leg, am I to expect Jehovah of Armies, the Great King of the Universe to heal me on the spot? I don't think so. Why? Because He gave us each the ability to heal at a human rate so we could be trusted to be relatively self sufficient and self maintaining and not bog down His day with childishness and redundancies.

What if when I fell I was out of the reach from my friends' ability to rescue me? Why should an angel be sent down to help me when there are human professionals who have it in their ability to save me? Angels are soldiers, messengers, worshipers, and sons of God who have more important issues to attend to than to be perched upon the shoulders of clumsy and dim-witted humans. Sure they love us, but come on, who wants to be tagging along after their kid brother for all eternity?

Sin and peril are always going to be an option if we are to have free will and remain mortals. Jesus came here to die to remove Adamic Death from us. He did not die so we could do as we please and not have consequences to face. Suppose a new child is born 10,000 years into the new order. That child has no idea what our time here was like for the past several thousands of years. He could decide, like Satan, to rebel. Let's say he runs into me as he walks out of a corn crib where he stole a few ears of corn. He panics and decides I need to be silenced. Bang! I am beaned with a shovel and I die.

Do I get resurrected? If so, on what basis? Life will be very cheap if we can go and get resurrected every time something bad happens to one of us. Eventually there will be a "Don't give a shit attitude" about everything and lo and behold Jehovah or Jesus or some anointed heavenly king is working overtime resurrecting dumbasses because they are careless, stupid, or just clumsy.

I believe Jesus when He said there will be no more sickness, or crying or death because things like these that are due to Adamic sin will indeed have passed away. But if I fall and scrape my knees I might still cry tears. If I go to the bathroom and don't wash my hands before I make dinner, someone will get sick and puke. We will be relatively perfect. We will be better than we are now I think, but still subject to the laws of physics, hygiene, and to the health codes.

We all advance, retreat, or stand our ground with the gifts that God gives us. Our personality is made from everything and everyone we encounter in life. How we deal with these things is us or who we are, Human Beings. Whether or not there is a New Order like the one the Watchtower is selling to its adherents or not is not so important as how we treat one another now and how we do all that we can to reach Almighty God in prayer and try to do His Will and live His Truth. In Jesus’ Name.


jason_ssc1 said...

This is an excellent entry. When I was still in it, I used to ask similar questions and never got good answers. Usually the only one offered is that Jesus was protected from harm as a perfect man on earth so we would be likewise.

Anonymous said...

Was Peter subjected to the earths' physics when he walked on water? No, only when he lost his faith did he start to sink. Jesus said you only need faith the size of a mustard seed and anything is possible.