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Friday, October 31, 2008

Why JWs Are So Sensitive About Their Beliefs

I have been around Jehovah's Witnesses over 40 years now and I was taught to answer all questions to the best of my ability with respect and honesty. If I did not have an answer I was taught to research and find one. When I started to find answers that prove the watchtower organization to be wrongly positioned as God's organization I still answer truthfully even if the answer makes the society look bad. What I see going on in online forums is a lot of angry and scared people trying to defend something out of base instinct. Jesus said we would know His disciples by their fruits. Many and not all mind you but many of the JWs tend to demonstrate more fruitage of the flesh than of the Spirit with their fits of anger, arrogant and dismissive attitude and lack of respect for the feelings and faith of others.

Much of what I see is when one of their doctrines cannot be supported with biblical evidence or when a flip flop of doctrine takes place we must accept the canned and scripted answer that Brooklyn poops out. And if we do not accept the word of sinful men over what is in the Word of God, we are apostates or otherwise unworthy of a truthful answer. Well, if I am an apostate I can say that I am in good company. Jesus was also condemned as an apostate by the hypocritical leaders of the then so-called chosen people of God. I would rather base my faith on what is in the Bible than what is in a bi-monthly magazine any day of the week.

The Bible never changes and neither does JHWH, The Rock. The watchtower changes when a few votes are cast by 9 sinful and senile old men in a board- room in Brooklyn New York

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Shawn said...

"What I see going on in online forums is a lot of angry and scared people trying to defend something out of base instinct."

No kidding! When I'm interacting with one of these JWs on line, half of the time I actually know what their answer should be (because I spent so much time as a JW) and am often surprised by the responses I get.

I'm starting to think that many JWs don't actually know what they claim to believe... never mind what the Bible actually says. People think JWs know their Bible, but really the Society has just set them up with a few scriptures at the Service Meeting. It's getting harder and harder to find JWs who can actually use the scripture effectively without having a script from headquarters.