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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Is The Hubristic Pride Jehovah's Witnesses Display A Mark Of Insecurity In Their Beliefs?

I posted the following at yahoo answers. It is amazing how some of the JWs responded.

Over the years I have noticed a lot of arrogant and puffed-up JWs go on the attack when confronted with questions they cannot answer. A study I was looking at indicates that some of them may be suffering from an inferiority complex.What is your take on this?

Is The Hubristic Pride Jehovah's Witnesses Display A Mark Of Insecurity In Their Beliefs?

Reference to the study at Live Science:

Here is the star post from an active JW that goes by the moniker "Desert Rose".

I have notice that you are in all the meeting ...but behind you criticize them....in front of them you are a good JW...but behind you attack them....Why people in this forum will pay attention to someone that acts as an hypocrite??Why you are not enough brave to leave them if you think they are false...that make you an hypocrite....Stand up and leave the KH of Jehovah ´s witnesses...be a man for once in your life..not a coward....people are seeing that you are insecure of your manhoodCANDI: I don´t go to churchs to make believe I am agree with them and behind criticize them....cowards do that...."

you email me: "Hi Rosie, to answer you honestly, I have to say that I attend meetings and when I have a question or a problem with one of the doctrines that sound unbiblical to me I approach the elders, hon.

"Like what?' that is false this planet will be ruled by Jesus Christ and transformed in a paradise?? and humans will inherit the earth?? that is false...right? prove it is unbiblical...if that is false prove me with the bible and what is the true if that is false

I am a Civil engineer professional working on my masters degree in Structural design


Amazing response wouldn't you agree?


Shawn said...

Rosie forgot to mention all of the friendly lions and pandas and cobras we'll all be able to cuddle with in paradise!

So did you 'prove her what is the true' or are you too 'insecure of your manhood'? I think Rosie may be watching to many tele-novellas.

John n Kimberly said...
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John n Kimberly said...

Ah, I see you've met Moises Frias. He changes his name daily, but he never answers the questions, his arguments never change and his limited English are all factors that give him away.

Several months ago, I actually made a blog specifically for refuting him since he had been stuck on a single issue. It's been a long time since he's said anything that even needs defending, but if he does, I'll be happy to add a new post to his blog!

Feel free to check it out: