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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My Beginnings 1959-1962

I was born in the middle of the winter of 1962 in the American Southwest. I am a mutt of sorts being that my Mom is part Jewish, Irish, Tewa Indian, Mescalero Apache, and Spanish. My Dad was part French, Dutch, and Spanish. They were both members of varying groups of Pentecostal Christians.

Turns out that once they met in the one church they both were attending back in 1959, they quit going. The pastor showed up at my dad's place and found them living together "in sin". When he exhorted them to repent and return to the flock, Mom asked why on earth she would return when she had aslready gotten what she wanted from his church. My Dad...LOL

They married in 1960 and were very happy. Neither of them had finished high school, but they earned good money. My Mom did any number jobs and my Dad was a self-taught engineer with a good background in electronics communications. My mom was told that she was barren and unable to have children, so when she found out she was pregnant with me they were very surprised.

They lived their life as Christians but did not attend a church. They mostly worked and worked and worked in order to make a good life for their new family. They even had this gorgeous solid gray cat named "CHOPO". After I was born they had to find him a new home because every time they left me alone, they would find him suffocating me under his weight by laying on my face. Evil kitty.....

During the early days leading up to my birth and throughout my infancy my folks were happy and they loved their little boy.

More later.......