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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Formative Years 1962-1968

As I stated in my previous post, my folks were good people trying to raise their family in an atmosphere of love and understanding. We spent lots of good times as I rememebr during my early formative years. In 1963 my brother was born and we moved to California, then we moved to New Mexico about a year or so later.

I remember having lots of fun in a sunny backyard and with family. We used to go visit my maternal grandparents pretty frequently. My sister was born in 1966 and since she was sick we had some struggles. She got better and the family was still very much focused on being loving and spending time with our relatives. I can still remember one Christmas when my dad came in to tuck us in and I was pretending to be asleep. As he left the room he said, "Ho Ho Ho you guys."

I remember every evening right before we would pray before dinner my dad would read a chapter from his bible. I got used to it and it became just a normal part of our life. As I got older, the aroma of mom's delicious dinners would get to me and I could hardly bear the droning of my dad reading things I did not understand. Once I asked mom to ask dad to turn off the Bible....LOL I guess I was hungrier than normal that night! We prayed, my dad read from God's Word, and we were happy even if we did not attend a church.

That all stopped pretty soon after I asked for dad to turn off the Bible. One morning when dad was at work, our stove exploded. Apparently the pilot light had gone out and my mom was trying to light it. Well, she had not vented the room before she struck the match and kaboom! I heard the noise and my mom and little brother scream. I went in and saw my mom nearly bald from the flame and my brother crying. She sent me for dad and I ran out the door and hopped a three foot picket fence without even touching it and O ran off to get him. This is relevant because it was that same week when the Jehovah's Witnesses came a knockin'.

All through my young childhood me and my family were very happy without a church in our lives. To be happy all we needed was God and His Word.

More Later........

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